John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen recently visited Venice, Italy with their daughter Luna, People recently reported.

But their daughter was the one who stole the moments, after adorable photos of her eating pasta while on a family vacation. The 38-year-old “All Of Me” singer posted photos of Luna during the weekend, with her mouth filled with penne during their Venice vacation.

The singer wrote a caption that read, “Lil’ penne.” The little daughter was shown eating the delicious pasta while apparently devouring the whole Italian dish, the report added.

Their daughter has been exposed to the best recipes and food around the world since Chrissy Teigen herself is a cookbook author. The mother could not help but share photos of their 15-month-old baby.

More of Luna

Luna has become more of a social media star in the past couple of days. People also reported that last March, Teigen’s mother Vilailuck shared a photo of Luna with her dad preparing for a sushi food adventure. The Instagram photo showed the baby daughter smiling as she was about to hold her own pair of chop sticks to eat the Japanese dish.

During their Venice tour, Luna made love to the camera as she posed on the streets with Teigen, according to ET Online. The celebrity was shown wearing a green jumpsuit with floral designs, matched with a headdress.

Meanwhile, the kid was shown on the pictures joining her mom in floral pink finished off with white-colored footwear.

The photo was captured “Venice!” and appeared well-done since there were reportedly hair, makeup and styling teams who traveled with them. The little girl also had photos of socializing with the people in Italy on another Instagram shot captioned, “Venice.”

Luna’s eating habits

Teigen also shared to People how her daughter eats.

She said that the 15-month-old loves eating French fries, strawberries, flaky fish and avocado.

“I do not want to deprive her. I do not want her not to be able to enjoy French fries and eat a piece of candy. I keep everything in balance,” the mother stated in the article.

Moreover, she had also been adding pizza to her daughter’s diet.

There are reportedly organic and healthy elements to her meals as well.

Aside from these images, there are also pictures of Luna shared over on social media with her family as they eat together in a restaurant, the article continued. With Teigen an avid cook, her family would certainly be food lovers at any cost.