Just after the news dropped about Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s split, internet trolls started slamming Jennifer Lawrence’s name, branding her as the reason why the comedic couple is splitting after 8 years of marriage.

There is no fuel without fire so the saying goes, so there must be a source that lit these accusations. Back in 2015, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were introduced to each other to star in the film “Passengers”. Although many people were excited about the movie’s theme and plot, some fans, later on, noticed that the two actors seemed to be closer than usual.

Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt reportedly cheated on Anna Faris

Before the film premiered, Pratt and Lawrence were in so many interviews to promote their movie and most of them gave viewers a lot of laughter because of their chemistry when it came to dissing and speaking about each other.

Although there was no reported news about them dating whatsoever, after the film’s premiere the rumors started. It is all coming back now thanks to some internet trolls. Even screenwriter Chad Darnell joined the buzz by posting on Twitter saying, “If we find out Chris Pratt is dating Jennifer Lawrence, I will quit Hollywood.” Which then received some negative repercussions from Lawrence’s fans. (That escalated quickly.) Yup, that’s what the internet is sometimes.

Faris and Pratt met back in 2007 before the premiere of their first movie together, “Take Me Home Tonight” and have created a family with each other since. They later collaborated on some projects where Pratt would cameo on his wife’s movies or TV show. Pratt soon got his big break getting involved with huge franchise movies where he garnered many fans, such as his work in the “Guardians of the Galaxy,”

‘Hunger Games’ star has stayed mum

J-Law has not yet reacted to this issue but we have known for a while now that she is in a low profile relationship to avoid fiascos like the previous ones.

It was reported back in June that she is dating the 48-year-old filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky. They have been working together in the upcoming psychological horror film “Mother!” which is set to premiere in theatres on September 15.

This is not the first time internet trolls have made a big fuss over celebrities especially when it comes to their relationship dramas.

One way or another, they will pick up some hints to exaggerate a story that may or may not have happened and this is just one of those.

Good thing Jennifer Lawrence is not much of a social media fan and seems to be leaving these accusations on hold until she actually talks about Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ divorce.