Slim Shady is dropping another album before the year ends! Eminem’s new album will be released this autumn and let us appreciate how he looks right now because those bleached hair have been replaced with brown ones and beard.

Eminem’s new album is in the works, and he has been teasing the fans on Twitter and Instagram. Some of his fellow rappers have already hinted how it would sound like. One of them would be 2 Chainz who has heard a few of Marshall Mathers’ 9th album. “I heard some things in there where his vernacular was 2 Chainz-y. It was crazy.” Said the rapper.

Eminem confirms that a new album is on its way

While dropping little hints about his upcoming album, fans have noticed that Mathers’ is pulling off a new look. We’ve familiarized ourselves over the years of how Eminem looks like: Hood, yellow hair, a little bit of a frown and a microphone. But not anymore because he has been holding on to his dark beard and hair for a while now. Would this be temporary or should he keep it?

The “Rap God” singer is going to have a pretty hectic year since he would be promoting his new album plus, he would be producing another movie that might be quite similar from “8 Mile” where he was able to act alongside Mekhi Phifer and Michael Shannon. He, later on, won an Oscar for his undying hit, “Lose Yourself”.

That will not be the last film, about rap, Eminem would be acquainted with because the movie “Bodied” will be in theatres soon and Marshall Mathers would be producing it. The film revolves around the battle rap scene where most of its cast would be dealing with racism and hip hop’s definition in our changing society.

Em supports the HBO series about Dr. Dre

Eminem has also been supporting the HBO documentary about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, “The Defiant Ones.” Many famous names in the music scene shared their own stories of how the two were able to bring out the best of their careers including Eminem who had since surpassed stereotypes when he, Iovine and Dre started working together to create albums that made history.

The documentary is a compilation of interviews and various footage that was never seen before. In relation to Eminem’s beginning, most of it was taken during the times when the rapper was just “bright f---ing yellow, 2” and we are back to remembering how Eminem was like two decades ago.

Either way, it is good to hear more from Marshall Mathers sooner or later. Let’s keep our ears open for more of Eminem’s new album.