Chelsea Handler is well known for causing controversy and the celebrity has been in the media's attention as she tweeted out that the US military should over thrown President Donald Trump. Members of the public have reacted both positively and negatively to her ideas surrounding a military coup.

The celebrity wants Trump removed by the military

According to Fox News, Chelsea Handler has called for a military coup to remove President Donald Trump from his position as President of the United States. The Netflix host has been very open about her feelings towards the current President of the US and it appears that she finally wants someone to remove him from power.

She posted her thoughts on the issue to her social media and has directly addressed the US military in her statement. Handler claimed that the longer the military generals wait to remove Trump from history the longer their names will be appearing in history for allowing a dictator to rule over America.

In a report by the Daily Beast, it has been confirmed that Chelsea Handler also posted a photograph of herself wearing a t-shirt, which read that she was sorry for her President in several different languages. Handler is known for her candid way of speech and it appears that there is no issue that she will not tackle publicly.

The star stated that she wears the t-shirt no whenever she travels and is very comfortable in her opinions against the current President.

Handler has always been involved in politics and one can assume the recent ban that has been placed on the US military and transgender soldiers has fueled her opinions.

Her comments have been met with negative attention

According to Heavy, Chelsea Handlers call for a military coup to overthrow President Donald Trump's rule has received a lot of negative attention from the public online.

People have been stating that a military coup is not the way to handle the situation and that someone of Handler's popularity should not be suggesting such things.

However, some members of the public have openly agreed with Handler's statement with one member of the public stating that while they agreed with Handler's statement that it was impossible to know who to trust.

They explained that if the leader of the White House is deceptive and malicious that any action taken to remove him must be by individuals who are on the side of justice.

It appears that Handler may have tweeted out in a moment of exasperation towards the president, however, as the tweet has not been removed one can assume that this is how she truly feels. She has not made any further comments about the military or her desire to have Trump removed from power.