Last week, derick dillard came under fire for stating that he was upset that TLC, the network that produces his series, "Counting On," was involved in the production of a show entitled "I Am Jazz," which follows the comings and goings of teenage Jazz Jennings. Jazz is no ordinary girl, simply because she was born a male and has been living life as a female since she was incredibly young. According to Derick, however, gender is assigned by God and TLC has no business promoting a "falsification" of gender on television. He also doesn't necessarily believe transgender is a "thing," which got him into hot water with both fans and the network.

TLC fires back, and his transphobic comments may have cost him his ministry job

TLC spoke out against Derick, stating that his views were not a reflection of the network as a whole. They also supported Jazz, who stated that she faces cyberbullying almost every day and this is nothing new. The young woman has also dealt with people threatening her family and calling them to complain about the fact that they allow Jazz to live as she wants. Derick's statements were especially embarrassing to the network, as they try to embrace diversity on their channel as a whole.

Rumors are swirling that Derick and Jill Duggar also lost their jobs with SOS Ministries in Central America due to Derick's transphobic comments, amongst other issues that the pair have had with the organization as a whole.

They include the pairs unwillingness to learn Spanish as well as the fact that Jill often acted as though she was scared for her life when she was on her mission work.

What would Derick do if his child were gay or trans?

This weekend, Derick took to Twitter to answer a fan who asked what he would do if his child turned out to be gay or trans.

He wrote, "I would love him just the same, telling him about Jesus Christ." This insinuates that Derick would likely attempt to change his child and tell him that Jesus does not accept those who are gay or transexual because of "what it says in the Bible."

Derick nor Jill Duggar have retracted Derick's statement about Jazz Jennings, and Jill has not yet acknowledged whether or not she thinks Derick's statements were acceptable.

She has also not stated what she would do if either of her children turned out to be gay or trans. Jill Duggar, thus far, has been keeping mum on the subject, seemingly to support her husband in everything he says and does.