Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler used to be famous Hollywood friends. However, the pair has recently put an end to their friendship. The former "Friends" star has shared why she dropped Handler. Aniston became aware that Chelsea Handler was talking about her behind her back. There has been no proof as to whether these claims are true.

Aniston and Handler were best friends

Over the years, Jennifer and Handler were extremely close. They were photographed together on many occasions. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, they constantly talked each other up in interviews.

Handler even had Aniston's back when rumors of a feud between Jennifer and her ex-husband Brad Pitt surfaced. When Angelina Jolie got involved in the situation, Handler launched some comments at Brad Pitts then partner in Jennifer's defense.

Fans were shocked to hear that the celebrity pair are no longer friends. It has emerged that Aniston got word her BFF was talking about her behind her back. The star reportedly freaked out and instantly dropped Chelsea as her friend. The feelings between the pair have turned sour and Handler has also hinted at their friendship's end.

Aniston ordered publicist to drop Handler

According to Fansided, Jennifer Aniston has taken the rumors of Handlers betrayal to heart.

Both celebrities share the same publicist. Aniston has asked Steven Huvane to drop Chelsea Handler as a client. There has been no formal comment as to whether or not Huvane has agreed to Aniston's conditions. However, in a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the publicist appears to have sided with Aniston.

The nature of the request is highly questionable and fans are wondering if Aniston is taking things to far with former friend Chelsea Handler.

Aniston appears to have acted instinctively rather than addressing Handler directly. However, there is certainly more going on behind the scenes that fans are not aware of. The pair has moved on from their friendship and one can only hope that they do not start an ongoing feud with one another.

Neither Aniston or Handler have made comment about their friendship in the last while.

Before news of the split broke the pair had not been seen together in some time. There has been no comment from their representatives. Handler continues to work on her series "Chelsea" which airs on Netflix every Friday. Aniston, likewise, continues to work hard. Fans will have to wait for more news about the pair's falling out.