With an amazing finale in season 6, "Once Upon a Time" closes an essential chapter in Storybrooke and in the lives of the characters. In that final episode of the last season a lot of the main characters got their happy endings and we could not be happier ourselves. However, as it is most of the times the case, the story is not over yet. After the show got a new contract for a season 7, the show runners decided to take the whole production into another direction.

Unfortunately for many of the fans, this reboot included the ending of the contract for Snow White, Prince Charming, Emma Swan, and many other series regulars that we learned to love and admire.

They will not be part of the upcoming season cast, but the show runners were careful in deciding how to conclude their stories. A lot of story-archs got their happy ending in the finale; however, when it was discovered some characters of the previous seasons would still be part of "Once Upon a Time", things got a bit more complicated. Neither of the executive producers, Adam Horowitz or Edward Kitsis is looking to undo or change the fate of what has already been settled, since both the characters and the fans are happy with their fate just the way it is.

What happens to Emma and Hook?

After 6 seasons filled with adventure and intrigue, it was relieving and magnificent to see soulmates finally find happiness in each other.

Although we did not exactly get to see an ending, since the show is still going on, it was understood that their lives were finally on a happy path. In the upcoming season 7, the viewers will get to witness what will happen to these love stories and how they will end. In the second episode of season 7, the fans of "Once Upon a Time" will get the long-awaited answers about how Captain Hook and Emma Swan's love story will be finalized.

Although they were just wed a couple of episodes ago, they will part ways in some sort. Colin O'Donoghue stated in a recent interview, that although Jennifer Morrison will appear in only one episode in order to finalize her departing from "Once Upon a Time", the newlyweds are still happy with each other. We still are not sure how the executive producers will manage to keep them apart and together at the same time, but we cannot do anything but wait to be amazed or even left into tears.

What happens after episode 2?

The rest of the show will pick up on Hook's life after Emma's absence and how he will manage to deal with such a loss. According to Colin O'Dooghue, Captain Hook will be feeling a great deal of distress and he just will not be able to put his finger on it. The new upgraded version of Hook, will be a policeman who will struggle with finding out who he really is and what he wants in life. There will be a lot to deal with that season so, he along with the other remaining characters of Storybrooke will have their hands full.