Tamra Judge has been going through quite the drama with her oldest daughter Sidney over the past couple of days. On the previous episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" that aired last Monday, Tamra spoke out about the case. After watching the episode, Sidney felt she needed to speak out against her mother. During the episode, Tamra opened up about the parental alienation case and talked about how she felt Simon had manipulated Sidney into staying away from her.

She explained that she felt that Sidney wanted nothing to do with her and that she had done a documentary and even spoken at the conference to spread awareness about this horrific act that happens between partners after the divorce.

But when Sidney was watching the show, she thought that her mother was lying about the entire situation. She explains that what Tamra was saying about her father was not her experiences at all. She decided to write her rather lengthy post on Facebook about herself and the story fans knew, explaining that it was indeed Judge herself that has caused the alienation between mother and daughter.

Gretchen opened up

When Sidney shared the Facebook post, many of Tamra's friends and family read it. Many were surprised to hear Sidney's side of the story, as she had been somewhat silent about the entire matter throughout the years. One can imagine she doesn't want people in her business and she was surprised to learn that her mom was being so open about it.

Gretchen Rossi decided to speak out about the entire case after reading Sidney's Facebook post and she started adding words like neglect and abuse. Tamra was furious after learning that Gretchen was speaking out and she decided to lash out at her.

Gushing over Sophia

It seems like the dust has settled a bit after the drama that played out early last week, but Tamra still isn't slowing down when it comes to social media posts.

Tamra Judge recently gushed about her other daughter, Sophia, and talked about how she had given her daughter a brand-new haircut for back-to-school. She reveals how happy her daughter Sophia was with her new hair and gushed about how excited she was to return to school. It seems a little odd that she

It seems a little odd that she would share such an exciting post about her daughter Sophia when her older daughter Sidney was so broken about their relationship.

Maybe it would be wise for Tamra to keep quiet about the entire case, as she continues to deal with this parental alienation case. Even though Tamra has hinted that she and Sidney are on the path to making up, Sidney maybe changing her mind after watching this season of "The Real Housewives of orange county."

What do you think about Tamra Judge sharing an Instagram post where she's gushing about her daughter Sophia, considering everything she's going through with her older daughter Sidney?