"Death Wish" the 1974 movie based off the novel of the same name is getting a remake directed by Eli Roth. The remake is to star Bruce Willis as the main character in the movie Paul Kersey, a man who becomes a violent vigilante after his family is destroyed. The movie released its trailer online and has received major backlash from the public about the pro-gun stance "Death Wish" advertises.

The remake will star Willis as the main character

According to the Daily Mail, Bruce Willis is to star as the main protagonist in the upcoming remake of the movie "Death Wish." He will be taking on the role of Paul Kersey who turns to a life of violence and revenge when his wife is murdered and his daughter is raped during a burglary.

Paul Kersey then takes to the streets where he takes his anger out on various victims he stumbles across. The father of one has a huge arsenal of weapons and as seen in the trailer he is not afraid to use them. Kersey convinces himself that he is cleaning up the streets of his hometown of Chicago by torturing and killing criminals.

Other casting includes such actors as Dean Norris, Camila Morrone, Beau Knapp, Kimberly Elise, Mike Epps and Ronnie Gene Blevins. The movie certainly has a stellar cast and fans of the original 1974 adaptation of "Death Wish" are looking forward to seeing the story told in a brand new perspective.

The public have expressed their anger at the movie

According to AU News, the public has reacted strongly to the recently released trailer for the upcoming movie "Death Wish." The movie has been called racist and the producers have been accused of glorifying violence in the action thriller.

Many of the people are uncomfortable with the fact that "Death Wish" focuses on a white male who takes out his anger against minorities throughout the movie.

Other fans have shown their concern by stating that gun violence and racism are two major issues in the United States and that "Death Wish" will only fuel the negative thinking surrounding these issues.

The public has taken to social media to question the creation of the movie posting comments on Twitter saying that "Death Wish" provides audiences with a very dangerous message.

Fans of the novel of the same name and the original 1974 adaptation have countered the public claims stating that social justice warriors are creating issues where there is none.

This has fueled many arguments online between the public and it is clear that there are strong feelings about the movie and its political correctness.

As yet, there has been no comment from either Bruce Willis or the creators of the movie "Death Wish." The movie is due to be released in US theaters later this year on November 22.