Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis? Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone? It's an age old question fans of the two actors have long been troubled by. Just which one of these guys deserves our love and adoration more than the other? Sure, some people will always land on "why not both?" In the real world, we know a decision has to be made and we've got a bit of good news for you. We've made the case as to why the choice of Sly Stallone isn't really that difficult a decision.

Stallone was born in America

While both actors seem to have that All-American vibe that comes with being a real man's man, did you know that Bruce Willis is not a native born son of the US?

It turns out Willis was born in Idar-Oberstein, West Germany. Meanwhile, Stallone was born the USA's unofficial capital of New York City.

Sly was born looking tough

While Willis had a stutter when he was a kid, Sly popped out of the womb with a sneer on his face. It turns out the medical intern that helped bring him into the world used the forceps a little too roughly, severing the nerves in his eyelid and lips. Hence the tough guy look, Stallone is famous for.

Stallone doesn't mess with politics

While celebrities becoming president or governor of California is all the rage, Sly has never been one to get himself into politics. On the flip side, there was a time when Willis was so into it, he ran for student body president at his high school.

Sylvester didn't belong to a gym

While Bruce Willis has certainly had to pump himself up for several of his roles, Stallone got himself swole the old fashioned way. After going through high school with that sneer getting him teased plenty, he started working out. Because he didn't have the money to join a gym, he worked out with old automobile parts and cinder blocks.

Stallone doesn't drink wine coolers

At the height of his popularity, Willis was quite the pitchman. Some of those pitches were not exactly for products that could be considered ones that were consumed by "men's men." Willis actually had the nerve to go out and try and sell Seagram's Wine Coolers. Stallone sneers at wine coolers.

Stallone really loves his best friend

Bruce Willis might be an animal lover, but it's a safe bet he's never gone to the lengths Sly has gone to for his favorite pooch. When Stallone was a struggling actor, he couldn't afford to feed his dog, so he gave it to a "friend." Once Sly hit it big, he asked for the dog back, but his friend refused, ransoming the dog for $15,000. Stallone paid the fee and got his buddy back.

Sly has never been on the outs with Disney

There was a time when Bruce Willis was supposed to produce a hockey movie for Disney. He ended up firing the director and the rest of the crew and walked out after 20 days. Stallone knows better than to get on the bad side of the mouse.

Stallone has been the law, a couple of times

While one of Willis'more famous roles is as a modern day superhero in "Unbreakable", Stallone has been a legal enforcer of the law a couple of times. No vigilantes here. Stallone played a beat up old cop who had to square off against Robert DeNiro and Ray Liotta in "Cop Land" and of course he was judge, jury, and executioner in "Judge Dredd".

Stallone got to be a Guardian

Once again, Bruce Willis got to play a kind of bargain basement superhero who had above average strength but he wasn't someone who could travel the stars. Stallone's most recent role had him make a fun cameo in "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2"

Adrian is better than Maddie

Both of these actors have had characters with iconic love interests.

For Willis, it was in "Moonlighting" and Cybil Shepherds Maddie Hayes. For Stallone it was Rocky's wife, Adrian. While Maddie might have been better looking, she was quite the handful. Adrian was a faithful friend and wife to Rocky and it's why she'll always have a place in our hearts.