Spoiler alerts indicate that Phyllis may turn on Jack in order to save Billy on the "The Young and the Restless." If she does, and the entire truth comes out she may lose the man she loves. This could be the end of Philly and open the door for Villy fans to get what they have longed for. he situation may mark the beginning of a new chapter for Billy and Victoria.

Phyllis must make a difficult choice

Phyllis is between a rock and a hard place because she loves Billy and is working for Jack. The two of them had been conspiring against "Brash and Sassy," but for different reasons.

Jack wants to make his brother pay for sleeping with Phyllis while she was still Jack's wife. Phyllis simply wants to put a wedge between Billy and Victoria. She does not, however, want to destroy the company like her former husband does. Phyllis realizes that her ex would like to see his brother left with nothing.

Jack conspired with Ben Hochman who was considering gleaning information from Cane. Victoria was about to obtain a loan from Hochman to keep "Brash and Sassy" afloat. Vicky found Cane's name and number in Ben's hotel suite and realized he was working against her. She tore up the contract and canceled the deal. When Phyllis saw how upset Jack was and how far he was willing to go, she began rethinking the plan.

Now she must make a difficult choice. If she remains silent the man she loves may lose his source of income and the company he has worked so hard to save. If she tells the truth, Billy may be furious that Phyllis was in his bed while conspiring with his brother.

The end of Philly may be near

When Billy finds out all the details he will be shocked that Phyllis could be sleeping next to him while scheming to take Victoria's company down, Billy will understand the animosity that Jack has towards him, but he will feel betrayed by Phyllis.

It was Phyllis who suggested that Ben seek out Victoria, so this will really have her in the dog house. She was jealous of the time Villy was spending together and though Ben might be a good distraction. Now everything is out of control, and Philly may be collateral damage.

Villy fans believe eventually Victoria and Billy will work their way back to each other.

Phyllis coming clean may be the thing to do it. It is ironic that the love she has for Billy may be the very thing that destroys their relationship, and sends him back into the arms of his former spouse. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 p.m, for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless." Keep looking out for Spoiler alerts if you like knowing in advance what your favorite Y&R characters are going to do.