"Big Brother 19" fans know that Team Cody has been low on numbers the majority of the game. He is a beast at physical competitions but has not bothered to develop many relationships with other players. Cody is coming to realize that you need friends to stay alive in the house.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. Don't continue to read if you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut.

Jessica had been offered a deal by Team Paul that would have put her and Cody both in the Jury House. All she had to do was not use the Halting Hex.

She didn't trust them and looked at it as giving up Cody in the "Big Brother" house. The next Thursday, she was evicted. With Cody in a position of being a lone wolf, he began to look around for an ally.

Cody's last ditch effort.

Last night on the feeds, viewers saw Cody offer several scenarios to Alex as a way to turn the tables on Team Paul, and they take control of the "Big Brother 19" house. All Alex had to do was put up Raven instead of Cody once the Pov was used. Alex made it clear on the live feeds that this was not an option she was honestly considering when she told Paul all about it.

When the feeds went down for the Power of Veto ceremony, live viewers waited to find out what happened.

Once the feeds returned, the plan orchestrated by Paul had been put in place. Matt used the POV to remove Jason, leaving Alex to name a replacement nominee - Cody. The backdoor plan is on track, as they have planned all week.

Raven kicks when he is down - again.

Raven hasn't been known for her honesty and integrity in the "Big Brother 19" house.

She fed that beast again today when she asked Cody if he would like a Chicken Taco, to which he calmly told her no. Raven scampered up the stairs to the HOH room to tell everyone how rude and sarcastic he was to her.

There is a lot of tension in the "Big Brother 19" house right now. Folks are questioning the motives of Kevin.

They wonder how deeply he is entwined with Cody. Of course, there has always been that concern with Mark and Elena, which has them as potential targets in the near future. The stress is getting to Elena, and she is considering calling Paul out on a few things, which would only make him more likely to place a target squarely on her back.

The jury begins forming with the double eviction scheduled for this Thursday. Team Paul has been running scenarios all week and has decided that Marlena is the target. Will they be able to pull this one off as they have so many in the past few weeks? Team Paul is dominating the house at this point.