Usually, the aim of a contestant in most games is to win. On the "Big Brother" episode that aired on Sunday, August 13, all of the 11 houseguests left in the game deliberately tried to lose the Temptation Competition.

Losing to win

Their strategy was to lose the competition so they could be the third nominee on the block. This would give them an opportunity to play in the Veto round. They would try to win that competition instead of deliberately losing it.

Alex is Head of Household, and she was not allowed to play in the "Where Were You?" game. Rooms were drawn on a blueprint of a house.

Alex asked ten questions and contestants were to step into the room they were in when they heard a particular sound.

Everyone volunteered to play to keep Cody from becoming the third nominee to play for veto. Cody himself played with the intention of throwing the competition. However, no matter he hard he tried to lose, he accidentally got one right and lost to Matthew who got every question wrong. That made Matthew the third nominee on the block. That means he will play in the veto round, and that competition he would try to win. Mark got all ten answers right so he received immunity for the week.

On the block

Alex nominated Elena and Jason to go on the block along with Matthew. The four of them will pull names for those to play in the veto round.

Cody is hoping his name will get pulled so he can play. If so, he will try hard to win instead of trying to throw the competition as he did before.

Even though that was the situation at the end of Sunday night, something a lot happened since then that might surprise viewers. The rest of this article is a spoiler alert. Don't read any further if you don't want to know what happened next.

Spoiler alert

According to the "Big Brother" spoiler alert, after Matthew deliberately lost the Temptation Competition to get a spot in the Veto Competition, he played and won. He could have saved himself, but there would be no renomination. Therefore, he stayed on the block and used his veto to save Jason. That meant a slot was open for someone else to be on the block.

Therefore, Alex nominated Cody which was an excellent strategy.

On Thursday night, the houseguests will vote to eliminate Elena, Matthew or Cody. If Elena is eliminated, another showmance will be broken up because she would leave Mark. If Matthew is eliminated, he will leave Raven. If Cody is eliminated, he won't be able to join Jessica until the finale because he will be sequestered in the jury house until the reality show ends.

It will be interesting to see what else will happen because host Julie Chen announced last week that there will be a double elimination this week.