Welcome to "Big Brother 19," where Matt and Raven forgot that pawns go home. With Matt having been put at risk the last four evictions, he began to feel safe as a pawn, but the other houseguests started seeing him as a non-contributor to the game.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

When Jason won the Head of Household for the week, he nominated Maven for eviction. His partner, Alex, and Paul wanted him to backdoor Kevin this week. Once the Power of Veto was played, and Jason won that as well, it got complicated in the "Big Brother 19" house.

Jason did not want to back door Kevin no matter what Team Paul said so they finally gave up. Alex, however, did make it clear that Jason was going rogue and she had no part in the eviction of Matt or Raven.

They had a major blow up!

The "Big Brother 19" had a meltdown this afternoon once the Power of Veto ceremony. Raven and Matt were far beyond a little upset over being the target this week. Raven demanded to know why. Matt decided to break the constraints of his current Have Not status and eat everything he wants, and sleep where he wants. When Jason was called to the Diary Room and came out to gather everyone in the living room, "Big Brother" announced to the houseguests and live feed viewer that Matt had a penalty vote, just as he had wanted.

Josh finally did what Paul has wanted for the last week or so. He confronted Kevin after Paul told him that Kevin didn't think he was very smart. Knowing Josh as well as he does, Paul knew what he was doing with this statement. Josh was on fire and went full force on Kevin. It turned into several of the houseguests jumping on Kevin.

Josh even confronted him about the $25,000 on premiere night. When Kevin refused to swear on his kids that he didn't have it, they knew they had confirmation. As the fight got worse, the live feeds were cut.

Is Kevin to blame?

Matt and Raven are blaming Kevin for Matt's eviction on Thursday. Jason said himself that he had no reason to get rid of Kevin, who he has a relationship with.

Matt and Raven, on the other hand, he really has no bond with. As Maven claims to be more worthy of spots in the "Big Brother 19" house than Kevin, they have not shown their value to anyone but Paul.

The new plan is for Paul, Christmas, or Josh to win the next HOH. They want to play the same game as this week but change the roles. Once one of those three wins, they are to nominate Jason and Alex, saying Kevin is the backdoor option. Paul is working a plan with Christmas and Josh for a "Big Brother 19" Final Four of the three of them and Kevin.

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