There has been a lot of talk about returning vet Paul Abrahamian being in the "Big Brother 19" house this summer. While fans watch the live feeds and report every move the houseguests make, Paul seems to be at the center of everything. There has always been chatter about the possibility of him winning this season, but let's take a look at how he managed to get into the great position he is this late in the game.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

Before the beginning of the season, fans of "Big Brother 19" were given the chance to vote for a vet.

Which one would they have back in the game? Well, viewers got the answer on premiere night when Kevin quietly pushed the button to take the $25,000. That isn't to say, however, that he was the only one that pushed the button -- he was the first. By accepting the money, it opened the door for Paul to join the season.


Paul came in the door trying to ride the coattails of his friendship game from "BB18." The production seemed to be on board when he was given Friendship Bracelets to hand out to those he wanted to keep safe. As he met with each houseguest, the newbies saw him in a position of power, which he was, and needed to bond with him quickly. In other words, they had to suck up a bit in order to get a bracelet and guarantee their safety.

"Big Brother 19" viewers saw Cody and Paul as adversaries from that moment on. In the end, Cameron was the first eviction of the summer to make space for Paul.

When America got a chance to vote for the Pendant of Protection to be given to a "Big Brother 19" houseguests, we stepped up and voted. Paul was the only one of the houseguests known to the "Big Brother" fans so obviously he was the winner.

With that, he was given three weeks of safety. That was more than enough time for the vet to show how well he knows the game and not make the mistakes that landed him in the second spot last season.

Social media is always buzzing about what is going on in the "Big Brother 19" house. Paul really did begin to gain control of the majority of the house during his three weeks of safety.

Instead of the houseguests thinking back to what they learned about Paul during "BB18," they are believing in him 100%. The ones that try to play their own game are quickly put out. Paul is ruling this season and outplaying them all.

Does Paul have this wrapped up?

The way things are going, expect to see Paul win the whole thing this summer. He has set himself up perfectly for a win. Has the game been boring? No, but it has been predictable. Does he deserve to win $500,000? He is playing a very tight game and has them all following him.

Do you think anyone will ever take Paul out? Are you disappointed in the other "Big Brother 19" houseguests for not taking full advantage of their chance to win the prize? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.