"Big Brother 19" fans have really enjoyed seeing a bit of Jason Dent's personal life. The HOH letter telling him he was to be a father again, and his priceless reaction, warmed the hearts of everyone. How can you not be happy for a guy that loves his family so much?

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, now is the time to stop reading.

The Head of Household endurance competition came down to Jason and Alex. As a duo in the "Big Brother 19" that sounds like a slam dunk but the two negotiated, shocking Matt who just wanted to go in the house after having gotten two votes towards eviction against Mark.

With Alex happy with their deal, she slipped to the ground leaving Jason as the last weeny standing.

So, what is the plan for nominations?

Immediately, Team Paul got to work. Paul is still pulling the strings with Alex. And Alex is leading Jason in the "Big Brother 19" game. Paul has been talking with Christmas and Josh about getting Maven broken up, with Matt as the first target. He now has to make sure and get Jalex on board. No problem at all, of course. Paul has everyone playing his game without even realizing it.

The plan is to nominate both Matt and Raven but tell them that Kevin is the backdoor plan for the week. This should calm some of the anxiety that Maven should feel for being on the block, even though Matt knows what it feels like to be a pawn who gets votes to evict him.

Raven is super loyal to Paul, so she will do her part in keeping her man calm right up to the moment he realizes he is out the door and headed for Jury.

It's about to get real hot in the house.

The time is fast approaching that the "Big Brother 19" lines will be drawn. Former alliance members will be fighting for the final two spots in the game.

Paul won't be able to continue to play all sides, as he has most of the season. It will become transparently-obvious which direction he is headed in with the remaining players. In his true confessions to the cameras as well as his Diary Room sessions, he has said he is leaning towards Christmas and Josh with him at the end.

He feels he has the best chance to beat them and Raven.

Soon "Big Brother 19" viewers will have the opportunity to cast a vote for America's Favorite Player. The award comes with a payday of $25,000, so fans are seeing Jessica Graf try to drum up some votes. She seems to forget she was evicted prior to jury because of bad game moves and bad decisions.

Who will you be voting for as "Big Brother 19" AFP? Are you hoping for a big move by Jason this week? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.