bill nye has recently come forward with claims that Disney has allegedly not paid him the full amount of money he is owed for his involvement in the show "Bill Nye The Science Guy." The actor became suspicious of the company’s activities back in 2008 and has since claimed that Disney owes him over $9 million. Nye has now filed a lawsuit against Disney.

The actor starred in a child-friendly science show

According to Deadline, Bill Nye starred in a show called "Bill Nye The Science Guy," which ran for five years on PBS. The show started in 1994 and ran until the year 1999, which spanned five seasons and over 100 episodes.

The show was a huge success and was nominated for 23 Emmy Awards, in which the show won 19.

The series "Bill Nye The Science Guy" is so popular that it is still being streamed across different platforms including Netflix. It has now been two decades since the show ended and the continued popularity speaks to the success of the show. The studio has still been drawing in money from the show ever since it ended. However, it appears that Bill Nye was left out of some of the revenue that he was owed.

This has led the lovable Bill Nye to file a lawsuit against Disney, as he has not been paid a significant amount of money which he was owed. In a report by CNN, it was reported that Nye is allegedly owed a gross amount of $9 million for his work on the show.

Bill Nye has come after Disney with a lawsuit

According to Variety, the lawsuit against Disney states Disney and Nye came to an agreement that Nye would earn 16% of what "Bill Nye The Science Guy." brought in over the years. However, it has recently become suspected that he has not been paid this amount.

According to the documentation that was handed over to the courts, Bill Nye became suspicious of Disney's activities when he was told in 2008 that he owed the company $500,000 due to an accounting error.

The scientist then took it open himself to investigate the Disney accounts and hired an auditor to look into the companies accounts.

The inquiry into Disney's accounts has been delayed for years as the company claimed that Bill Nye has not presented the proper paperwork to look into the company's accounts. Finally, Nye's auditor gained access to the accounts where he discovered that Bill Nye was allegedly scammed by Disney and was owed over $9 million from the company.

Disney has not released a statement about their involvement in the alleged fraud and it appears that the case is going to be taken to the courts in order for Bill Nye to receive the money that he allegedly deserves.