The latest chapter of the The Seven Deadly Sins manga series has just been released and it reveals the defeat of one of the Ten Commandments. Aside from teasing an action-packed fight in the upcoming chapter, the new installment also announced new information regarding the animated adaptation of the manga series.

The previous chapters of “The Seven Deadly Sins,” otherwise known as “Nanatsu no Taizai” introduced one of the elite warriors of the Demon Clan, Melascula, who directly serves the Demon King and is one of the feared members of the Ten Commandments.

Melascula went up against the seven sins, the goddess Elizabeth, and the fairy Elaine. In that fight, the demon warrior was able to trap Meliodas in her Cocoon of Darkness, which was a powerful dark sphere that even the other members of the Ten Commandments couldn’t get out of it.

However, she was up against Meliodas, who was the leader of the Ten Commandments and the current leader of the Liones' elite group of warriors, and the latter simply unleashed his true form to break free of Melascula’s spell.

Melascula vs. the sins

After Meliodas broke Melascula’s black sphere, the latter revealed her giant snake form and put up quite a fight against the rest of the Liones' seven sins. Elaine and Elizabeth had to join the fight to balance the odds, proving how strong a demon warrior of the Ten Commandments is.

In “The Seven Deadly Sins” chapter 230, the final fight against Melascula took place as Ban makes the first move. After attacking her and sacrificing his life, Elizabeth comes into the picture to resurrect him and Diane the giant appears to unleash her strength.

King reappears as well, unleashing his power as the Fairy King as Merlin and Gowther dealt the finishing blows.

But before Melascula was defeated, Merlin reminded her that Liones formed their group of warriors for one purpose and that was to defeat the Demon Clan’s Ten Commandments.

Shortly after that revelation, Elizabeth used her goddess powers to turn Melascula back into her original form, which was a regular snake. Merlin explained that Melascula was an ordinary snake that gained immense power by bathing in the powerful miasma of the Demon World.

New anime and movie

The first page of “The Seven Deadly Sins” chapter 230 opened up with great news. It announced that the new season of the anime adaption series will start airing in January next year. Meanwhile, a new animated movie is also in the works and it is scheduled to release next summer.

The new season of the anime was announced in July and it revealed that it will be covering the Ten Commandments as well. The new season has been officially titled as "The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments."