"Big Brother 19" has been a summer of Paul pulling the strings. He has controlled the house week after week, but with Jason as the Head Of Household, can Paul get him to do his dirty work?

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

The plan this week was supposed to be to nominate Matt and Raven. A backdoor plan has become the norm in the "Big Brother 19" house this season. This week Team Paul had big plans when Alex's partner, Jason, won the Head of Household.

Paul is helping Alex make all the right choices and they thought she would be able to influence Jason. They are finding out that Jason isn't ready to compromise his own plan for his HOH, however.

Kevin and Jason have a bond

Kevin and Jason have a respect for each other. A friendship. As husbands and fathers, they understand what it is to put others before themselves. The concept of loyalty means a lot to both of the men. They have talked about their marriages, their children, and their lives with each other on those morning walks. There is a bond between the two and Jason isn't wiling to backdoor Kevin to save Matt or Raven.

There was major chaos in the "Big Brother 19" house over this last night.

Paul didn't like being told no and neither did Alex. In the end, they all agreed that Maven was a good target and needed to be split up. Do it now, do it next week, but it had to happen. With Jason already having nominated them and holding the POV, now is the time.

The plan at this point is for Jason to leave the nominations the same, not using the POV.

Alex will claim that he went rogue and she didn't know that Maven was his target. She and Paul will let the blame fall on Jason, as if they had no desire to break up the showmance. In reality, Paul has been saying for a few weeks that Matt needed to be the one gone in that duo. Making Raven a solo player that isn't so great in "Big Brother " competitions would make her look for a new ride or die and Paul will be there waiting to give her false hope.

What about Jalex?

As for where this leaves Jason in the game, it will probablly damage his alliance with Alex. She is a strong personality and expects Jason to do what she wants. The duo will have to continue to work together, but a degree of trust will be gone as they begin to realize that what is the best for one may not be best for the other. The next concern is Paul. How long will it take for him to decide that Jason is expendable? If he can't be controlled, Paul will want him gone.

What do you think of Jason going with his own plan? Do you think Paul will target him as a result of this decision? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.