"Big Brother 19" fans have watched Cody exercise some questionable strategies in the house this summer. He is a tough physical competitor, but his social game has hurt him. Instead of being a leader in the house as many expected when the season started, he is always a target. The last couple of weeks he has become public enemy number one, however.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut for the show, now is the time to stop reading.

Last night on "Big Brother After Dark," viewers watched a very interesting exchange between Cody, Alex, and Jason.

Cody had asked Alex before to save him from being backdoored this week and she had the perfect answer, If she did, she would become a target to five of the "Big Brother" houseguests. Cody thought this over and came back with a full plan to keep them all safe.

Cody has a great plan if they listen.

Cody knows that Matt will use the Power of Veto to take down a nominee so that he can be backdoored. When the time comes for Alex to name a replacement nominee, he suggested Raven be the one named. When the house questions her, she will blame Cody for lying and manipulating her, drawing the attention off of her and back onto him. He will pretend they are enemies as a result of his deception, and no one will know they are working together.

He could get Kevin in on the plan. Elena and Mark would both be on their side as well, bringing their total to five. When the votes to evict come in, five will be for Elena, five for Raven and Alex will be the tie-breaker sending Raven to the jury.

Cody sees that Paul is using the "Big Brother 19" houseguests to further his own game.

He told Alex and Jason that Christmas and Josh are his main ones to drag along to the end because they will do what he says. Christmas has very little to offer the game due to her injury but her loyalty to Paul keeps her safe. Josh has proven he is Paul's goony to pull off shady schemes and draw the attention away from Paul.

Cody really tried to get Alex and Jason to realize how much danger their games are in by remaining Team Paul instead of going head to head with him.

Loyalty to Team Paul seems to hold.

In the end, it all fell on deaf ears. When Paul and Christmas showed up in their sky diving outfits, Alex began to relay Cody's plan. She didn't tell all the details, as she has in the past, but she told enough. Paul knows that Cody is his biggest threat and has to be his number one target.

If Cody had been more interactive with the other "Big Brother 19" houseguests from the beginning, he would have had a very different game. Kevin and Christmas are examples of how far a good social game can take a player in the game. Past seasons have had winners due to a good social game. Being a competition beast isn't enough to win the game without being liked by at least some of the houseguests.