Bruno Mars' latest single, "Versace On The Floor," has been a big hit on the radio charts since it was released. Fans of the song were excited to see the official video and after how many weeks of waiting, it's finally here. The official "Versace On The Floor" video features Zendaya and Bruno Mars who play strangers staying in separate hotel rooms right next to each other. The theme of the video is sultry and minimalistic and the story line is all about how Zendaya is captivated with Bruno Mars' music from the next room. The "Spiderman" actress sported a new look in the video as she traded in her signature curls for pin straight hair.

Zendaya is seen listening to the song from the other room as she puts her ears against the wall to hear better. Mars' sexy voice and lyrics entice Zendaya to the point where she embraces the music and dances in her room. Eventually, she literally drops her little Versace dress on the floor, encapsulating the title of the song.

Taking in more mature roles

While Zendaya's role in "Versace On The Floor" official music video is far from what others would consider as sexy, it is considered to be a big leap for her because she grew up in the limelight with a wholesome image. She started as a Disney star which is a major reason why the wholesome image has stuck with her.

Playing the role of Bruno Mars' muse on the video is a pretty big game-changer and her fans are so proud of her for playing the sultry role.

Many believe that it's definitely not the last time that Zendaya will be offered a role similar to her "Versace On The Floor" character. Who knows, it might even pave the way for more mature movie roles in the future. As of writing, the video already has more than 2.6 million views 14 hours after it was released on YouTube.

Great friendship and chemistry

Apparently, Mars and Zendaya are aware of the success and the positive feedback of their newly released music video. On Twitter, the on-screen couple gave each other a shoutout and the fans found their mutual admiration of each other really adorable.

At almost the same time that the official video was released on YouTube, Zendaya tweeted about accepting the offer to play the leading lady for "Versace On The Floor" without hesitation.

Meanwhile, the 31-year old singer also gave a shoutout to Zendaya who he referred to as someone "oh so fly." The 20-year old actress previously paid tribute to Mars in July when she performed "24K Magic" in the "Lip Sync Battle."