"Big Brother 19" fans can't stop talking about Paul Abrahamian. The only vet in the house has everyone talking about him and second guessing everything they see and hear. If you are TeamPaul, you know that he would enjoy the attention and really not care much about what they say. As long as folks are talking, they are paying attention. The question is, are they starting to overthink things?

As the newly crowned Head of Household, Paul received his HOH basket loaded with goodies and a letter from home. Mom wrote him again this year and some fans are questioning the content.

They are wondering if Momma Abrahamian sent her son some "Big Brother" hints disguised as information about his pets.

What did Mom say that has fans wondering?

Paul is a known animal lover that has a small zoo of pets. The following is a list of updates on each pet and the houseguest some on social media think it is really talking about.

Paul's mom discussed the health of his elderly dog, King. She said the vet says he is alert, but she is keeping an eye on him. Could this be Kevin?

Blair must have been battling dark spots because they are moving towards her eyes, which she isn't opening. Maybe Jessica?

The vet doesn't want Hades to jump. He seems to think he is a horse one day and a dog the next.

Possibly Jason?

A pet with a name the typist on "Joker's Updates" didn't recognize is like a ghost, hiding when people come over but in and out of sight the rest of the time. Some say Ramses.

Button likes food and eats everyone's, then looks at Mom as if to say he/she isn't guilty. Could this be Josh?

Momma Abrahamian also took the opportunity to tell Paul that all his boys were doing good and were proud of him.

Paul pondered aloud who his boys were. Live feeders say that after he had read the letter, he continued to stare at it as if he was trying to make sure he understood.

Paul is an animal lover with a small zoo

Of course, superfans of "Big Brother" know that English is not Momma Abrahamian's first language. She speaks and writes in broken English, as fans saw last summer when Paul received an HOH letter from home.

Also, fans know that Paul is a big time animal lover and all of those pet names aren't new this year. Again, the letter last year from Mom also talked about King and some other pets. On National Pet Day, Paul took to his Instagram account to mention Blair, Olive, King, Presa, and Buttons.

While fans of "Big Brother 19" debate whether or not the letter is full of secret messages for Paul, the game veteran continues to show he is quite capable of figuring people out on his own.

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