Since their introduction, Kale and Caulifla have been breaking records in the world of "Dragon Ball Super." Their existence is a record breaking achievement for the franchise itself. Though many fans loved it when they were together (as Caulifla is Kale's trigger to activate the berserk in herself), it seems like pitting them against each other was never an idea. Who would win if they would be to fight against each other?

Of course, it is not ceteris paribus. Caulifla will not lose when no factors are changed in their battle. But first things first...

lucky advantage

Caulifla is a powerful fighter, with a very deep insight in the battlefield. She might be as reckless as her Universe 7 counterpart (that's Son Goku) but she is also a combat genius. As seen on the latest episodes, Caulifla can transform into Super Saiyan Third Grade and Super Saiyan 2 very quick. Remember that Gohan needed a little push so he can achieve Super Saiyan 2. Also, don't forget Goku's screams when he's transforming for the first time in Planet Namek. To make the story short, Caulifla has a lot of potential than Goku and Gohan.

She will do things in her own way, and most of the time, she achieves her goals. Her determination to become stronger is also unparalleled when compared to any Universe 6 Saiyans.

And as seen also on latest episodes, her endurance is something, as she still managed to blast a good Ki Blast with Kale after being attacked.

Though she is a battle genius, she seems to be more of a clutch player. She also seems to let her guard down often. If there's something that could win her against Caulifla will be her speed and endurance.

Kale's advantage

Those big muscles are already enough to intimidate a fighter. Kale's Berserker Mode is one of the scariest things in the Tournament of Power right now. And now that she can control, there's no stopping her. She can do insane damage and has super sharp reflexes during her Broly mode. Her speed is also not affected even though her body mass expanded for a couple of times.

In this state, Kale is indestructible to almost any physical attacks.

But this form consumes a lot of energy. Kale was never successful to transform into this state and never black out, not even once. It is understandable that she hasn't mastered it yet, or at least the slimmer version of the form.

Who will win?

It is likely that Caulifla will win this battle, as long as she'll manage to avoid all of Kale's attack. In raw power, there is no way Caulifla could beat Kale with SS and SS2 at her disposal. Kale would crush Caulifla. But with a good strategy and luck, of course, Caulifla could beat Kale even in her Broly form.