Javi Marroquin has been keeping a low profile over the past couple of months, as he’s moving on from his divorce. His divorce from Kailyn Lowry was settled last year and he has been trying to move on from the drama associated with “Teen Mom 2.” Of course, it must be tough for him to watch the drama between himself and Kailyn on the show, as they are trying to move on and focus on the children involved.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing things are going quite well with him and his current relationship. He announced on Twitter that he was indeed dating again after divorcing Kailyn.

The two got divorced because Lowry felt that their marriage was toxic, but Javi was ready to date again. He wanted a relationship, a marriage, and even more children. He was devastated when he learned that Kailyn had suffered a miscarriage.

Opened up on Twitter

While Kailyn hasn't really talked about her personal business on the social media network, Javi has been open about his situation. After his divorce, Marroquin was linked to several women, but some of his relationships didn't work out. However, it sounds like he has found someone who is willing to fight the good and the bad with him. One fan reached out to him, asking how he was able to keep a relationship strong as they were spending time apart.

“It's hard but just look forward to the next time I see her,” Javi wrote to a follower who questioned his long-distance relationship.

Even though Marroquin is famous for being on "Teen Mom 2," he seems like the kind of person who is dedicated to the person he's in a relationship with. When things got tough with Kailyn, Marroquin still wanted to fight for his relationship and his marriage.

Sadly for him, she was the one who pulled the plug.

How he’s fighting for love

Javi Marroquin wants to find love again and he has never hidden the fact that he wants another relationship. It sounds like he has found what he wants, even if it means he can't see her on a daily basis. One can imagine that work and his custody agreement with Kailyn Lowry over Lincoln is keeping him in one place.

He hasn't talked about whether he would relocate for love, but one can imagine that he doesn't want to risk his relationship with Isaac or Lincoln for love. As for Lowry, she's probably staying put in Delaware.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin's relationship? Are you surprised that he's staying in a Long Distance Relationship and he's making it work?