Big Brother 19” houseguest Jason Dent is in Hot Water just one week after America watched his tear-filled reaction to his wife’s pregnancy announcement when he got the happy news in his Head of Household letter. On the heels of his heartwarming hometown news, Dent was caught on camera making a horrible joke about contestant Kevin Schlehuber’s wife and daughters.

The ‘BB19’ houseguest makes a joke about rape

According to TV Guide, Jason told fellow houseguests Alex, Paul, and Josh that if Kevin were to put him or any of his allies up on the “Big Brother" chopping block, he would sexually assault his wife when he gets out of the “Big Brother" house.

Dent also added that he would tie all of Kevin’s daughters up and make them watch the act. Jason Dent was laughing when he made the comments and did not mean them as an actual threat, but the backlash against the rodeo clown has been severe. “Big Brother” fans are up in arms over Jason’s violent comments.

“Big Brother” fans were shocked to see this side of Jason Dent, but even more surprising was Alex Ow's reaction to his off-color commentary. Alex previously revealed that she had a cousin who had been raped, yet she was laughing the loudest over Jason Dent’s rape joke.

It’s no surprise that Jason Dent’s family tweeted out an apology on his behalf. The Whistle-Nut and Ole Twitter account has now been marked private, but screenshots show that Jason’s family tried to do damage control, writing that while the live feed conversation was taken “slightly” out of context, Jason’s inappropriate comments were not acceptable under any circumstance."

Jason’s past jokes were just as bad

Jason was already caught making an inappropriate joke earlier this season when talking about plans to backdoor fellow houseguest Raven Walton.

According to TMZ, Dent reportedly offered to hold Raven down so the other guys could take turns on her.

Jason Dent’s bad joke is enough to put his chances at winning the America’s Favorite Player vote in serious jeopardy. The title comes with a $25,000 grand prize and can be given to any of the “Big Brother” contestants, including the winner.

Now that Jason has shown this questionable side of himself, he may have ruined his “Big Brother" game once and for all, as these comments could surely come back to haunt him.

It will be interesting to see if “Big Brother” producers address Jason Dent’s controversial comments on air. In the past, the CBS reality show posted a disclaimer about racist remarks that were made by the houseguests.