“Big Brother” houseguest Matt Clines and Raven Walton may want to grab a life vest. Mark Jansen, this season’s most recently evicted “BB19” player, is calling out the final surviving showmance couple for being the two biggest floaters in the “Big Brother” house. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jansen said that the CBS summertime house is full of floaters, but it’s Matt and Raven who are not putting any real effort into the game.

Who else does Mark think needs to step up their game?

In the interview, Mark said Matt and Rachel are just taking up space in the “Big Brother” house and are not Playing The Game at all.

Mark also admitted that while dad of seven and admitted “Big Brother” newbie Kevin Schlehuber is not really playing much of a game either, he likes him too much to throw him under the bus. Jansen also called out Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez for stirring the pot, something he considers a viable strategy.

While Mark thinks Matt and Raven are just floating their way closer to the “Big Brother” $500,000 grand prize each week, he says he was sent home because he was anything but a floater. Jansen revealed that he was considered a big target. Mark pointed out that he was able to win several of the Power of Veto competitions, which made him a threat to the other houseguests, and he tried to form alliances with various “Big Brother” houseguests.

Unfortunately, while Mark wasn’t a floater, he was a bit of a flip flopper, which definitely hurt his game.

Will Mark vote for a floater to win ‘BB19’?

Mark Jansen is a huge “Big Brother” fan, so he probably won’t respect Matt or Raven’s game (or lack thereof) if either of them makes it to the Final 2. Mark has a jury vote in his pocket, and he will likely give it to someone he feels actually played the “Big Brother” game.

Mark told Entertainment Weekly he is rooting for Alex Ow to win the game at this point because he thinks she’s a strategizer and competition beats and the most deserving of the grand prize. It doesn’t hurt that Alex gave Mark a sympathy vote when he was on the block last week, knowing full well it wouldn’t be enough to save him, but also knowing it would probably earn her some brownie points with him.

For now, Mark Jansen will reunite with his “Big Brother” showmance Elena Davies in the jury house, where they can talk about floaters, flip flops, and anything else they fancy. You can See Mark Jansen and the other jurors on the “Big Brother 19” finale next month on CBS.