“Big Brother” host julie chen has seen it all over the past 19 seasons of the CBS reality show that she hosts each summer, so it’s no surprise that she can spot a dumb game move a mile away. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chen revealed that she thinks the “BB19” cast made a huge mistake by evicting Mark Jansen instead of Matt Clines this week. While both “Big Brother” contestants are strong players involved in showmances. Jansen’s girl, Elena Davies, is already out of the house and sequestered in the “BB19” jury hideaway. Julie Chen thinks Matt is a bigger threat than Mark because he’s still part of an in-house power couple with Raven Walton.

Did the ‘Big Brother’ houseguests blow it?

Julie told EW that the “Big Brother” players should have left Mark in the house and targeted Matt. Chen said it’s always a smart idea to break up the couples first, and she went so far as to say that Mark, who works as a Personal Trainer, was not a threat to anyone. Julie did acknowledge that Matt and Raven aren’t exactly “competition beasts” and she admitted that Alex Ow and Jason Dent are the strongest duo left in the “Big Brother” game.

While he did campaign to try to keep himself in the house (Jansen warned Alex that Matt and Raven will go after her and Jason next). Mark’s pleas fell on deaf ears under the reign of Head of Household mastermind Paul Abrahamian.

It was Christmas Abbott’s HOH, but Paul still seems controls the HOH decisions each week. In what may have been their smartest move all season, Alex and Jason each gave Mark a “sympathy” vote. That could help them later if either of them makes it to the finals, because Mark is now one of the jury members.

Mark explains his ‘poor’ game

In his exit interview with Julie Chen, Mark Jansen showed that he is a big teddy bear. Mark admitted that he played a very poor “Big Brother” game, but he did blame “Big Brother” jury member Cody Nickson for ripping apart his game, Mark also said his loyalty to Cody and his showmance Jessica Graf was his downfall.

Mark called out Christmas Abbott as the person who wanted him out, so it looks like he got her Christmas wish.

And in a surprising change of heart, Mark revealed that he actually likes loudmouth houseguest Josh Martinez. While they seemed to be enemies at one point this season (who can forget their hot sauce and pickle juice fight?), Mark said Josh is actually a “great guy.” He even agreed with Chen’s suggestion that the two of them should go on “The Amazing Race" together.

The next episode of “Big Brother” airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.