British Pop Rock Band ColdPlay canceled its concert in Houston last week because of Hurricane Harvey, but they made time to write a song dedicated to the tragedy victims. The song was titled Houston.”

CNN reported that during their Miami concert last August 28, Coldplay performed “Houston” live on stage. It was dedicated to the victims of the storm-hit city in Texas after a hurricane caused damage to the community.

Frontman Chris Martin was heard in the video recording saying, “This is because everybody of us grew up with a love for country music, and of course, this is the kind of what comes to our mind when we visit Texas.” The band performed at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

One of those who witnessed the concert was Eric Zichella, who spoke to CNN to share his experiences. He said, “The song rendition was the most memorable moment of the event.”

The lyrics of the song was like an ode to the ravaged city, and the rhythm felt like it was the perfect song to play during a camping night. It had lyrics had statements such as dreaming to get back to Houston when it had no problems, a harmony that brings the place together and sending love to the city.

The lyrics continued with statements such as praying for the city to make it through the tough times, and nothing will topple to strength of Houston. Martin said during the Miami event that it was a new song, and it was exclusively played during the concert.

Cancelled concert

Coldplay was supposed to perform last Friday night at NRG Stadium in the Texas city, but was cancelled just as Hurricane Harvey approached. The announcement of the cancellation was made Friday morning, sending a note to their fans, Patch reported.

The pop rock band wrote on Twitter, “Greetings to everyone in Houston.

We really want to perform tonight, but sitting here watching the new about the calamity, we feel that we cannot ask you to put your safety at risk. Sadly, it will be postponed.”

The report said the band will provide details of the rescheduled dates of their show, and apologized for the inconvenience it may have caused. Ticket refund information will also be announced soon.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey was the worst storm that ravaged the United States in the past decade. It brought widespread damage and heavy rainfall in the area of Houston, Texas. Harvey made a landfall last Friday night, with winds at 130mph. The hurricane prompted President Donald Trump to issue a disaster proclamation because of the calamity.