The epic shade from Taylor Swift's new single "Look What You Made Me Do" was not only for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but also for Katy Perry. Taylor debuted her new single "LWYMMD" from her new album Reputation at 2017 VMAs which made Katy very furious.

Katy is surely not happy

According to Hollywood Life, Katy Perry was pretty excited for the VMAs as she was hosting the show. Katy was happy as this was going to be her big night, but things got pretty complicated when Taylor stole her spotlight at the VMAs. It is also reported that Taylor's new single "LWYMMD" was not supposed to be premiered when Katy was on stage and was hosting the show.

But T-Swift's new single premiered at that exact moment because Swift reportedly had the intention to hurt Katy. Katy was very disappointed as her night got ruined and she also got the feeling that the "mean girl" is back in business.

As T-Swift's new single got premiered, Katy Perry left the VMAs stage to avoid it. It is reported that Katy Perry was nowhere to be found at the VMAs following the commercial break after Taylor's new single's video premiered. Katy was hosting the show, but at the "LWYMMD" video premiere, no one made the introduction, and a PSA of monitors made the video announcement.

As Taylor's new single video ended at the VMAs, Yara Shahidi, the "Blackish" star continued the hosting job and announced a performance by Shawn Mendes.

Yara hosted the rest of the show as Katy was nowhere to be found at the VMAs.

Taylor and Katy's toxic feud

Of all T-Swift's feuds and flames in the past and present, the most famous feud of hers is with Katy Perry. The most complicated (but yet interesting) part of this ongoing feud is that neither of these pop stars has ever mentioned each other names directly.

Swift and Perry's fans found it pretty sad that the two famous stars and friends-turned enemies are still feuding and none of them wants to settle down.

Maybe things wouldn't have got that complicated if Taylor debuted her new single "LWYMMD" in a better and reasonable way at the VMAs. And on the other hand, Katy should also get this straight that she was hosting the 2017 Video Music Awards, so it was obvious that Taylor would be debuting her new single from her new album entitled "Reputation." Well, both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift fans all over the world are wishing that both pop stars would stop feuding sometime soon. These two stars need to stop being mad at each other (and just makeup already!)