Josh Martinez was one of the few long-standing players on “Big Brother 19” who wasn’t involved in a showmance this season. Martinez didn’t find love on the CBS summertime reality show, but he did find his way to the $500,000 “Big Brother” grand prize. Now, Josh tells The Hollywood Reporter he had no interest in a showmance this summer, despite the fact that he was surrounded by gorgeous women in the “Big Brother” house.

Josh told THR that while he’s “a goofball and a flirt,” he didn’t want to get involved in a showmance with any of his “Big Brother” housemates because he knew he would get caught up in it.

Martinez said he came to the “Big Brother” game to win, not to find a soulmate. “I didn't come to Fall In Love on ‘Big Brother,’” he said.

‘Big Brother’ or ‘The Bachelor’?

Just like the season before it, “Big Brother 19” featured three full-on showmances which greatly affected the gameplay. Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were the most solid couple early on, but Raven Walton and Matt Clines followed a close second. Mark Jansen was smitten with Elena Davies all season, although she seemed hot and cold with him until his eviction—and then she really missed him. All three couples have expressed interest in trying to maintain their relationships outside of the “Big Brother” house.

Family matters

As for Josh Martinez, his mission was all game.

Unlike this season’s puppetmaster Paul Abrahamian, Josh even worked the jury members via his goodbye messages to them, a move that may have ultimately won him the game. Josh revealed that instead of getting tied up in a “Big Brother” showmance, which would have put a major target on his back, he kept thinking about his family and his mission to bring home the “Big Brother" jackpot.

Josh told THR that his family is his world and that he got so emotional in the “Big Brother” house because he couldn’t disconnect from his Miami family. Martinez revealed that he applied to be on “Big Brother” three times before he was cast on the show, and he never thought someone like him would get on the show, let alone win it.

Speaking of those showmances, Josh Martinez knew a lot of his fellow housemates would vote as couples in the jury and he was surprised by some of the players who cast votes in his favor to win “Big Brother 19.” Josh told Entertainment Weekly he was surprised that Elena Davies and Mark Jansen voted for him because he knows he tormented them all season long.