On premiere night for "Big Brother 19," fans watched Kevin enter the house with the other houseguests. They were as shocked as anyone when he admitted he had never watched a season of the show. Immediately he became a non-threat to the house and was not mentioned as a target.

Over the last few weeks, Kevin has positioned himself as the cool father figure and friend to the rest of the "Big Brother 19" houseguests. They listen to him. Kevin watches as Paul and Cody battle to be the big dog in the house, and has learned everything he needs to know about how to play "Big Brother." He is talking to the other houseguests and dropping nuggets of doubt and wisdom, letting them see things for themselves.

Only once has he blatantly said anything, and that was to Jessica when Ramses was getting evicted.

Paul has game knowledge, Kevin has life experience

Paul considers himself the "Big Brother" expert this season.While he is good at the game and implementing strategies when the day comes to go head-to-head with Kevin, Paul isn't ready. Kevin has life experience and is street-wise. He sees things in people that most others miss. His life on the streets of Boston with his father gave Kevin an edge up that has put him in a great position in the game.

Cody, on the other hand, hasn't seemed to notice that Kevin is in the same game. No relationship has been formed between the two. Cody came back into the "Big Brother" house making the same mistakes that sent him out the first time.

Baby boomer vs. Generation X

When an older player enters the game, they normally don't last long. The younger folks ban together to evict them quickly. In Kevin's case of Baby Boomers vs Generation X, he is winning. His charm and social game, coupled with his maturity and smarts, are valuable assets in "Big Brother 19." While he may not be able to win in a physical competition, Kevin will be strong in mental comps when he needs to be.

Cody is the biggest male target in the "Big Brother 19" house at this time. Paul still has the support of the majority of the houseguests but that will have to change in the next couple of weeks. The game is getting to the point where side allies will start to form. It will be interesting to see if Kevin emerges as a leader or chooses to remain in the background and out of the limelight that targets are made of.

Expect Jessica to use the Halting Hex tonight to save her and Cody from eviction. The "Big Brother 19" houseguests have been practicing for the Head of Household competition. Paul was even told to practice as well. This leaves fans to wonder if the Halting Hex will reset the week and allow Paul to compete for the next HOH.