Hey, “Zoo” fans, Abe and Dariela’s son Isaac will prompt a major Rescue Mission from the team in the new Episode 3 of the show's current Season 7. Also, a new hybrid search will send Mitch and Jamie all the way to sunny California. These spoiler teasers are from CBS’ press release by way of the folks at Spoiler TV.

Wham bam

They gave this episode a pretty comical title by calling it, “Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam.” They started things off with the big rescue mission storyline. Apparently, Dariela and Abe’s son Isaac is in quite a bind. So, this will prompt the team to attempt a major mission that’s designed to rescue Isaac.

Will their big rescue mission work? Or will it get foiled somehow? Those are the huge questions for this particular plotline. It definitely sounds like it will feature a lot of action, intense drama, and suspense. There’s no doubt about that. Also, they highlighted this plotline with all capital letters. So, it will most likely be the one that receives the most focus.

A trip to California

Next, they revealed a little information about what will take place with the Mitch and Jamie situation. It turns out that a new hybrid is in existence. Mitch and Jamie will be very busy trying to locate any information they can find out about it. Their search will end up having them take a road trip all the way out to sunny California.

While on their trip, they are going to encounter someone that they knew from their past.

Who this person from their past? That’s the big obvious question for this storyline. It certainly sounds very intriguing. We’ll probably get some pretty interesting scenes from it. They didn’t reveal any other details about that situation so we’ll have to wait until the episode airs to find out who this mystery person from their past is.

They also said this episode was written by the writing team of Jay Faerber and Shintaro Shimosawa. They brought on Alex Gayner to direct it.

Walking through a woodsy area

Spoiler TV was also able to get some promotional photos for Episode 7 that reveal a few more details of what will be going on. There’s a ton of pictures that feature Mitch and Jamie.

They’re seen in a daytime setting where they’re walking through a woodsy area. They look pretty calm and relaxed in that one. However, there’s some night time scenes. In those, they appear to be caught up in a situation that’s a little more hectic and dramatic.

Logan and Clementine also have a scene

There are a few solo snapshots of Abraham and Logan. Logan is also shown in a scene with Clementine. So, expect to also see Logan and Clementine in this installment. Additionally, there are some group scene pics that feature Logan, Dariela, Jamie, and Jackson in a room together. There might be some other people there too but that’s all we could see in the photo. It’s confirmed that Episode 7 is scheduled to air next Thursday night, August 10, 2017, at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. Stay tuned.