Hey, “Nashville” fans. Things are finally going to come to a head in regards to the Maddie and Juliette situation. Deacon and the Highway 65 artists will try to take a stand. Avery and Gunnar will finally finish up their tour and more in this finale Episode 22 of Season 5. These spoilers are from CMT via the folks at TV Guide.

Reasons to Quit

It’s also revealed that the producers decided to name this episode, “Reasons to Quit.” The Deacon and the Highway 65 artists storyline are the first ones they decided to mention in their official synopsis. It turns out that we’re going to see them attempt to take a stand at some point.

Will their efforts pay off for them? Or will it just all be a waste of time? Those are the big questions for this particular plotline. This situation certainly sounds like it could feature some pretty dramatic and intense scenes for us to look forward to.

Message to someone

Next, they revealed that Zach will have a big scene. During it, he will send a message to someone. They didn’t mention who this someone is. So, that is definitely the big question for that storyline. It sounds like it could be pretty intriguing.

Heated conflict

They also revealed that Juliette and Maddie will be back at it again in regards to their heated conflict. However, this time, they said that they are going to definitely reach their breaking point!

Unfortunately, they didn’t give away any other details for this storyline. It sounds like it will get even more emotional and intense than it has ever been in the past.

We’re really hoping that the new preview clip will give us a few glimpses of this situation so we can get an idea of just how intense it might get. Their past confrontations were extremely dramatic.

So, we can only imagine what this blow-out will have in store.

Pool Party

In this fourth teaser, they mentioned that Daphne will be in at least one of the scenes. Apparently, she’s going to be pretty busy attending a pool party. That’s the only thing that was said about that situation. So, for now, it sounds pretty bland but who knows?

They may feature something in it that amazes us. We’ll definitely have to wait around until next week to find out though.

Returning back home

Lastly, they revealed that we’ll see Avery and Gunnar in action. They say these two will finally be done with their touring and be in the process of returning back home. So, it doesn’t sound like anything too exciting will be happening with that one. We’ll have to tune in to make sure since no other information was given about it either. The finale episode 22 is confirmed to hit the airwaves next Thursday night, August 10, 2017, at 9 p.m. ET on CMT. Stay tuned.