"Big Brother 19" is all about strategy and we have seen some great strategies this summer as well as some that have fallen flat. If my source is correct, which they always have been in the past, we have your Head Of Household competition results as well as who has been nominated for eviction.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know who holds the power and who faces eviction, stop reading now.

According to "Big Brother After Dark," the Head of Household has been held and a winner named. Christmas came so close to winning HOH in the double eviction that it must have lit a fire under her.

She pulled it off and is the new HOH. Still part of Team Paul with no idea that he has tossed her name around a bit lately, she proceeded with their agreed upon plan.

Nominations are in place for another back door

At the Nomination Ceremony, Christmas put Matt and Jason on the block. Matt has taken one of those seats the equivalent of three weeks in a row and this time, his volunteering kept his showmance partner safe. With this being the summer of the backdoor plan, Mark remains the next target for eviction from the "Big Brother 19" house.

Now with Christmas as HOH, the next step will be the Power of Veto competition. Team Paul will want to keep Mark from getting the POV and use him as a replacement nominee when Matt or Jason is removed from the "Big Brother" chopping block.

Each week they have worked together to take out a threat. After Mark, Matt, and Raven are gone, the team will have to start turning on each other.

Paul has spoken to Alex and Jason about being the final three. Then again, he has had similar conversations with everyone. The difference is, he isn't throwing out Alex and Jason's names to others.

He is showing he is more loyal to those two than any of the others in the "Big Brother 19" house.

The alliances will get smaller

In classifying his targets, Paul has named Kevin and Christmas as next in line after Mark. He does want Matt and Raven out, but not quite yet. Raven and Paul have some strange connection. There was speculation in the beginning of the season because they were in a picture together at one of Paul's gigs.

Maybe it is just a fan getting a chance to really get to know someone they followed, but there is some connection between the two. Paul knows he can count on Raven for a vote and she can influence Matt.

Are you glad that Christmas managed to win HOH? Do you think she will flip the house and use Paul as the replacement nominee, or will she continue to follow him? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.