Jay Z and Kanye West have been long-time friends and consider each other as brothers, but some unfortunate circumstances have strained their friendship. Nobody actually knows the real reason behind their feud but some fans believe that it started when Kanye pulled out his music from Tidal.

It happened after Jay dissed Yeezy in one of his tracks in his recently released his "4:44" album. He branded the rapper as insane and losing his own principle. However, he finally revealed that their feud started when Yeezy slammed Beyonce in front of his fans during his concert in October 2016.

Is the Roc-A-Fella founder open to fix thing between them soon?

Jay Z vs Kanye West

In a Podcast interview with Rap Radar (available on Tidal), Jay Z said Kanye “crossed the line” when he ranted about Beyonce during his concert at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento.

In front of the concertgoers, Yeezy slammed Queen Bey for not visiting or even calling Kim Kardashian after the robbery in Paris. The rapper is apparently disappointed that none of the Carters visited his wife after the traumatic incident. Jay is also hurt that Kanye had to criticize Bey in front of his many fans. As a result, he dissed Yeezy in one of his songs, which fueled their feud that has been going on for months.

Jay Z said he will certainly have a “real conversation” with Kanye soon.

“It requires a real conversation,” he told Rap Radar. “We’ll have it soon. I’m sure we’ll have it. You know when you’ve done something. I’m not saying I’m innocent…but it’s a conversation that we’ve got to have.”

It’s great to know that Jay Z is open to discussing things with Yeezy, which means that he is also open to fix their feud and be friends again.

They’ve been friends since forever and it only makes sense if they are up to set their differences aside for the sake of their friendship.

Yeezy warns Jay Z and Beyonce

Recent reports from Hollywood Life suggest that Kanye West wants Jay Z and Beyonce to accept Kim or their feud will go on forever. There were reports claiming that their feud began when Jay and Bey started to distance themselves from Yeezy when they noticed that he is serious with Kim Kardashian.

Apparently, Jay and Queen Bey are not really impressed that Kanye married the reality star but as he said, he is open to talking to his long-time friend one day soon. He also said that he knows that Kanye say things bluntly whenever they disagree on things but he just didn’t like the fact that Yeezy slammed Beyonce and his kids.

Do you also hope that Jay Z and Kanye will be friends again just like the good ‘ole days? What about Beyonce and Kim Kardashian?