In a shocking move, CNBC announced that Disney is setting up to remove all its content from Netflix. Disney's plan is to cut out the middle man and instead set up their own streaming service in 2019. The only shows that are set to stay on Netflix are those that fall under "Marvel Tv," such as "Daredevil", "Iron Fist", "Jessica Jones", and "Luke Cage". Currently, there is no reason as to why only those shows are staying, simply that they are. While this is not due to any falling out between the two companies, according to Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, it is still a shock none-the-less.

At the same time, Disney also plans to roll out another streaming service for their ESPN fans. This service is set to feature thousands of games from the National Hockey League to Major League Baseball and Soccer, to Grand Slam Tennis and even college sports. Basically, if you want to watch any game, be it professional or college, this new service from Disney's ESPN will be your go to place.

What this means for you

For all Disney fans, there is no need to panic. There is still plenty of time to enjoy your favorite shows and movies on Netflix. All Disney content such as "Phineas and Ferb", "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", "Moana", and "Rogue One" will remain where they are until the end of 2018. It is only at this point, that fans of these shows be forced to look elsewhere until Disney releases its own streaming service sometime in 2019.

As of yet, there is no reason given as to the long gap between provided service.

When it does eventually roll out in 2019, fans will be able to enjoy all their favorite Disney/Marvel/Pixar/Lucasfilm/ESPN programs in one convenient location. The only downside appears to be that it be yet another place you have to pay for in order to binge watch your favorite shows.

Instead of simply hopping on Netflix and switching between shows and movies such as "Batman The Animated Series", "Orange is the New Black", "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", "Rogue One" and "Moana", fans will have to not only be subscribed to both services, but also log out of one in order to watch shows on the other.

Reason behind the move

In short, the reason why Disney is making this surprising move is that they want in on streaming service market. If they can cut out Netflix and no longer have to worry about someone else hosting their movies and TV shows, then all the better. Everything is done "in-house" and under one roof so to speak. From here, they can then expand the service internationally and gain even more money.

By having and launching their own streaming service in 2019, Disney hopes to have a more consumer driven service. In this way, all your Disney related content is kept in one organized place. With this company owning Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and ESPN there should be something for everybody.