"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 spoilers for Episode 2 by ABC reveal that the second part of the premiere will feature the wedding of Carly and Evan exchanging wedding vows. The scandal surrounding DeMario and Corinne will be addressed further and what happens when everyone resumed filming in Sayulita, Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico.

Wedding brings everyone together

Episode 2 of "Bachelor in Paradise" airs Tuesday night and will be a continuation of Monday night's episode. Keep in mind that the events of this season move a bit faster than the previous three due to production shutdown.

A lot of fans worried that the wedding of Carly and Evan wouldn't be shown, but miraculously their vows made it on the show.

ABC's press release spills that Carly and Evan will exchange their vows "before an assemblage of their family and friends," many of which will include many "Bachelor" alum. The bride and groom shed tears of joy -- as well as Ashley I.

Controversy takes center stage

Later on in the episode, Chris Harrison talks with the "Bachelor in Paradise" cast about the controversy that still looms over season 4. The whole point is to be open to everyone -- including viewers -- about what unfolded in the aftermath of the scandal. Harrison shared in an interview that it was a monumental task getting the show back in production and those show runners would be remiss to not address the controversy.

There was concern that the series would be "tainted" if the huge "elephant in the room" wasn't talked about. No wrongdoing was found on the part of DeMario and Corinne after a full investigation was done into allegations of misconduct. A video showing the events leading up to the moment in question will be seen, but not the graphic footage of their near-sexual encounter.

In other spoilers, it's revealed that the cast resume where they left off once filming gets underway again. One couple's "relationship heats up," but some of the others weren't so lucky during production's hiatus. What does fate hold for some of the relationships?

One contestant gets disappointed

Lastly, "one desperate and lonely lady wants a date card to help her get something new started, but is disappointed when it goes to someone she thinks doesn’t need it."

A preview of Carly and Evan’s wedding ceremony is seen below.

Last week the happy couple announced that they're expecting a baby!

Be sure to watch part 2 of the "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 premiere when episode 2 airs Tuesday, August 15 at 8 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.