DeMario Jackson was all in when asked if he'd like to see Corinne Olympios face-to-face after the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal. When allegations of misconduct swirled around them, it brought into question whether there was bad blood between the two. For DeMario's part, he hoped to see Corinne in person and shared that he held no ill will towards her even though she had her own investigation launched in addition to the network's. In the end, there was no wrongdoing and Corinne dropped her legal action as well.

DeMario doesn't trust Corinne

Fast-forward to now and DeMario Jackson is having a change of heart.

It's just as well considering the "BiP" reunion won't have the pair together, but speaking separately with Chris Harrison. TMZ reports that DeMario has already done a one-on-one sit-down with Harrison, with Corinne Olympios' sit-down taking place afterward.

According to TMZ's sources, DeMario is no longer interested in seeing Corinne face-to-face because he "doesn't think she would be genuine."

It's unknown what led to DeMario Jackson's sudden switch on the position. Maybe he had a chance to rethink everything and theoretically hoped it would further vindicated after the scandal that took a huge swipe at his reputation. He lost his job due to the negative headlines for just being linked to such bad publicity.

He confessed that his life has been turned upside down over allegations that Corinne wasn't able to consent to sex with him because she was supposedly too intoxicated.

It's also possible that DeMario just wants to move forward at this point. Add to that, Corinne is in the news for now saying she mixed alcohol and prescription drugs during the moment in question when "BiP" was filming in Mexico.

In her sit-down with Harrison, the former "Bachelor" contestant on Nick Viall's season said prior to her hookup with DeMario, she consumed some pills and booze, which "intensified" her drunken state. The admission was made during Saturday's taping of the "BiP" reunion, sources claim to TMZ. She didn't impart what prescription medication she took but claimed it led to her blacking out.

The report adds that she plead ignorance when asked why she did that.

Previews show moments leading up to scandal

In the video seen below of the season 4 preview, Corinne looks lucid. The footage will be aired up to the moment filming was halted. The overt sexual scenes will be censored, but viewers will get an idea about what happened in Mexico when news broke that an investigation into misconduct charges.

Do you blame DeMario Jackson for not wanting to meet with Corinne Olympios again? Be sure to see what unfolds during their short time on the show when "BiP" premieres on Monday, August 14 at 8 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.