"Bachelorette" rachel lindsay and her fiance Bryan Abasolo are allegedly experiencing relationship difficulties. Just one week after the season finale, a report is already out that the pair are headed for a breakup. It shouldn't be a surprise after all the gossip about Rachel being torn between Bryan and runner-up Peter Kraus. As fans witnessed for themselves, Rachel had serious feelings for Peter but he wasn't ready to propose. Their drama-filled exchanges were played out in the final episode and it made everyone question whether Rachel made the right choice.

Breakup ahead for new 'Bachelorette' couple?

A source told Life & Style magazine that secretly "there are problems in their relationship." Some of the scenes on "The Bachelorette" were "hard for Bryan" to watch and the insider explains that he had "no idea how strong Rachel’s feelings were for Peter." Apparently, the turmoil Rachel went through in making her final pick made Bryan suspicious that her feelings for him weren't as solid as he believed.

Bryan fears that maybe Rachel has residual feelings for Peter and possibly loves him more than she does him. His insecure feelings are "causing tension" in their relationship. He has asked her why she picked him, but she "didn’t really have a good answer for Bryan.”

Was Bryan Rachel's choice 'by default'?

Bryan Abasolo can't help but feel that he won "The Bachelorette" as Lindsay's second choice.

The source continued that on top of all these worries that may mean an impending breakup, the pair are at odds over their lifestyles and where to relocate. Rachel Lindsay is more of an extrovert and Bryan is more into staying at home after working long hours as a chiropractor. Moreover, they aren't sure if they should live in Miami -- where Bryan has a thriving medical practice -- or in Los Angeles (where Rachel wants to pursue career in broadcast journalism).

It would be a career departure for Rachel, who has been an attorney in Dallas for years.

Bryan has worked painstakingly to attain the clientele he has and his patients are important to him. To move away from all that would be like starting over and he values the patients he has.

What they do agree on

Their differences notwithstanding, Rachel and Bryan both want kids.

They both want more than two, with the cutoff being at three or four. In that regard, the couple are on the same page. Will it be enough to keep them together?

It is unknown if Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are having serious enough problems to warrant a potential split. As with every "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" couple, negative reports swirl around their engagements. It comes with the territory.