Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, the "Bachelor in Paradise" actors, have finally made the announcement that they are expecting the arrival of their first child together. As per a report from People, the couple was happy to announce that “baby bass” is arriving in 2018. Bass was also very excited as he is about to expand his family again. To recall, he is already a father of three kids from his previous relationship before he got into a relationship with Waddell.

On his recent statement, Bass has added, "We are beyond excited for this baby to join our family!" He further revealed that both of them have wanted to have another child quickly.

Apparently, the couple seemed to have not wasted their time as their first brood is coming really soon.

Intimate ceremony

Following the past relationship that Bass had from his former partner, the actor and Waddell have both decided to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony in a resort near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last June. Apparently, the said ceremony was led by the "Bachelor in Paradise" host, Chris Harrison.

Such wedding has been considered as a dream wedding for the sweet couple. In an exclusive interview with People, Waddell and Bass were both happy to share what went through during their intimate wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, as they finally announced the arrival of their first baby, everyone couldn't help but be happier with the growing family that they are building.

Apparently, Waddell's pregnancy journey is but another milestone that the couple wanted to celebrate together.

More kids

As they revealed the arrival of their first child, it has also been learned that Waddell and Bass have also planned on having more kids in the coming years. In her recent interview, Waddell has also shared about having two to three kids with Bass in the next couple of years.

Hence, the couple seemed to love growing their family very soon.

Further, the "Bachelor in Paradise" actress has also believed that things happened for a reason.

Perhaps, their relationship might come from a long journey but she has been happy about the kind of family that both of them are trying to build right now.

As the upcoming season for "Bachelor in Paradise" is about to air, their story is yet another inspiring episode to be shared. As for now, the couple is recently living in Nashville, Tennessee, together with the three sons that Bass had from his former partner. Perhaps, the couple will still stay in the same place while expecting the arrival of their baby.