Carly Waddell and evan Bass had big plans to get married today at "Bachelor in Paradise." Everyone has been wondering what was going on with this wedding since they ended up canceling the filming of "BIP." The show is done, but that doesn't mean that their wedding didn't happen. Everyone has been wondering what is going on and it appears that the wedding did go on as planned.

Mike Fleiss shares on Twitter

So far, Carly and Evan are both staying quiet and haven't said a word on their Twitter. Mike Fleiss actually went to his Twitter page today, though.

He said, "So happy for Carly and Evan!!!." It does sound like these two got married today or are still doing it tonight, but the news hasn't been revealed yet. There is no reason for Mike to tweet this if the wedding didn't happen as planned.

If you check out Carly and Evan on Instagram, they have been sharing posts with each other, but haven't shared any details about their wedding just yet. Everyone is excited about their big day.

Will viewers get to see this wedding?

The rumors have been flying that ABC would go ahead and air this wedding but in a different way. More than likely, they will do a special or something for their wedding. They have done this in the past for other weddings. They know how much the fans want to see it and now that "Bachelor in Paradise" won't be airing they will need something to put in its spot.

At this time, ABC hasn't confirmed their plans, but the fans will be really disappointed if they don't get to see this wedding. Evan and Carly had a rough start, but they are now a fan favorite couple.

E! Online shared that Evan Bass put out a big guest blog about how he doesn't want to see "Bachelor in Paradise" canceled. He loves that he was able to find the love of his life that way.

Carly and Evan met on the show, and he talks about how Jade and Tanner Tolbert also met this way. Evan doesn't want other couples to miss out on the chance of finding the love of their life this way. He said, "When the news about Paradise production broke the internet, it also broke my heart." At this time, ABC hasn't shared if they are going to be able to bring it back in another way or not.

Are you surprised to hear that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are still getting married? What do you think ABC will do about showing their wedding? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" with Rachel Lindsay on Monday nights on ABC.