"One Direction" is an internationally recognized boy band, which was created on the show "The X-Factor" by Simon Cowell. Cowell later went on to sign to boys to his label, and the band had a hugely successful career. "One Direction" decided to split and pursue their solo careers, but Cowell has recently stated that he would love if the boys came back for a reunion fueling the hope of the "One Direction" fans still out there.

Cowell is on board for a 'One Direction' reunion

According to Billboard, Simon Cowell who is the owner of Syco Records recently came forward with claims that he would take the "One Direction" boys back in the future.

The boys have currently gone their separate ways and are now pursuing their solo careers, but Cowell has not ruled out a reunion in the years to come.

Cowell has commented that he will always think of the five boys as a band including Zayn Malik in the potential reunion. It is good to see that there are no hard feelings between Cowell and Zayn as the former "One Direction" left the band early back in 2016. The X- Factor judge referred to Malik's decision to leave but stated that the singer could 100% return.

When asked about Harry Styles and his budding solo career Cowell stated that he is very proud of how far Styles has come in the music industry. He stated that the band could reunite without Harry but that it would not be the same.

There is no doubt that fans would carry this sentiment if the reunion without Harry were to happen.

Harry Styles thriving solo career

According to NME, Harry Styles is the most successful member of "One Direction" regarding his solo career. Styles has not only released his new album and his going on tour to promote it but he has also made the jump into the film industry.

Harry recently starred in the movie "Dunkirk" by director Christopher Nolan and showed that he is not just a singer.

Styles has been thoroughly enjoying his time as a solo artist and has spent time hosting "The Late Late Show with James Cordon" and playing a few gigs around England before heading off on tour. Due to Styles success, the question of a "One Direction" reunion without him has been raised.

The singer's career trajectory would certainly go back if he were to go back to his "One Direction" days and this is certainly something that Simon Cowell will have to take into consideration should he attempt to bring the boys back together. According to Billboard, Simon Cowell has addressed this by stating that everyone would have to be on board for the reunion and that it would not be forever.

Fans of "One Direction" were delighted to hear that the boy’s former manager Simon Cowell would love to take them back on. Many of the boy bands fans were devastated to hear that they were going their separate ways.