Anna Faris gave a fan Relationship Advice yesterday during her "Underqualified" podcast. According to US Weekly, the actress spoke candidly about her views on a healthy relationship after a caller asked Faris for advice.

The 40-year-old star recently separated from her husband of 8 years, Chris Pratt. Faris revealed to fans what she has learned from her marriage to the actor, and opened up about her struggles within the relationship.

Anna Faris talks about self-worth and embracing independence

Faris didn't hold back when giving fans advice and spoke honestly about her own relationship experience.

The star advised the caller to embrace their independence and recognize when something isn't working in a relationship.

Faris told listeners that "life is too short" to be with someone who doesn't appreciate you or fully support you. The actress spoke about her own learning curves regarding her marriage and stressed to callers it's important to know your self-worth. She added that people shouldn't be afraid to be by themselves, especially if a relationship is not working.

Faris revealed she had similar struggles in her relationship with Pratt. The star told fans she made the mistake of looking at her relationship as something to tick off a list. The actress advised listeners to not do the same.

She stressed it's important to have life experience and be sure of who you are as an individual. Faris wished her caller the best of luck, saying she hoped they would "get to live it all" and meet a range of different people.

The star also opened up about her life as an actress, telling fans it can be lonely. Faris said that as well as being a performer in TV series "Mom" and acting in films, she also has the role of being a "public character".

Anna and Chris' relationship has been in the limelight since split

It certainly hasn't been an easy couple of weeks for Faris and Pratt. Faris' podcast on Tuesday, August 15, was the first time she's spoken publicly about her split from Pratt. Pratt made an appearance at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, August 13, where he took home the surfboard for choice sci-fi movie actor.

It was Pratt's first public appearance since the couple confirmed their separation on August 7. The actor was spotted out and about in L.A. last weekend with the couple's 4-year-old son Jack, visibly missing his wedding ring.

Faris and Pratt released a public statement on their social media accounts on August 7, telling fans they were splitting up and stating that they "still love each other".