"General Hospital" spoilers from a new promo video tease exciting and action-packed moments, with riveting plot twists and shockers.The "GH" promo video shows Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) in fast-paced gun scenes. Jason pulls a gun on someone, and in another scene, Sonny faces a threat. Someone tosses a gun to him so that he can defend himself during a violent confrontation.

Jason and Sonny protect Sam?

"General Hospital" fans are speculating that the scenes showing Jason and Sonny facing threats armed with guns could mean that Sam (Kelly Monaco) gets into trouble and the two take action to protect her.

Speculation that the scenes show Jason and Sonny fighting to defend Sam is based on a tweet by Kelly Monaco last month which shows her piggybacking on a man who appears to be Billy Miller's, Jason Morgan. The man holds up a bloodied arm and flashes a V-sign. The image, captioned "Deuces," meaning "Twins" or "Twos," sparked speculation that Jason will be injured in a violent confrontation while defending or protecting Sam. Fans also speculated that the caption "Deuces" could mean that the violence will involve Steve Burton's character.

Ringgold's 'GH' video leak also teased Jason Morgan injury

"General Hospital" spoilers from an earlier "General Hospital" video leak also teased that Billy Miller's Jason Morgan will be wounded in a violent incident.The video leak, which came through Sean Ringgold, the actor best known for his role as Shaun Evans in ABC's soap opera, "One Life to Live" ("OLTL"), teases that Billy Miller's Jason will be hospitalized after suffering an injury.

Ringgold recorded the video when he stopped by the set of "General Hospital" on August 4 for a brief reunion with former "OLTL" co-stars Roger Howarth and Michael Easton.

While Ringgold was with Frank Valentini in the "GH" control room, he recorded a video which captured a dialogue that sparked speculation and fan theories on social media.The video suggests that Billy Miller's Jason will be hospitalized after suffering an injury.

The audio from the video reveals Sam, Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny talking about Jason who is undergoing surgery. In the video, Sam appears to ask Carly how long Jason's surgery will take. Carly says it might take a while and suggests that they go and have something to eat. Sam says she is not hungry. Carly urges her to eat something and Sonny chips in, saying that Sam needs to eat so that she can have the strength to take care of Jason after the surgery.

Are the 'Two Jasons' engaged in a duel over Sam?

Taken together, Kelly Monaco's tweet, Ringgold's "GH" video leak, and the latest promo video indicate that Billy Miller’s Jason will fight to protect Sam and will get injured in the process.

Although it seems that the action will see Jason fighting alongside his friend, Sonny, the role that Steve Burton's character will play in the conflict remains uncertain. However, the violence could be due to Sonny’s effort to quit mob life which results in a confrontation with Steve Burton's mobster character.

Finn and Curtis rough Jared up

The "General Hospital" promo video also shows Finn (Michael Easton) grabbing Jared Preston (Matt Corboy) by the lapels and throwing him against a wall as he demands in rage to know where Hayden (Rebecca Budig), the woman he loves, is. Curtis (Donnell Turner) joins the fray, throwing a punch. However, it is unlikely that Jared will be able to help Finn locate Hayden.

Other spoilers indicate romance for Franco (Roger Howarth) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst), Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Ava (Maura West), and Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) and Parker (Ashley Jones). Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) will also share passionate moments. However, "General Hospital" spoilers indicate that Nathan and Maxie could have problems due to secrets from their past.