Tyler Perry aims to please fans of "The Haves and Have Nots" each week with the unexpected. The episode that aired on Tuesday, August 15 was no exception. Not only did Perry introduce drama with the regular characters, he also introduced a new character who fits right in with the other vicious people already on the show.

Melissa's mother

While Jeffrey was visiting Melissa who didn't want to see him, her mother came into the hospital room. This is the first time viewers have seen her. During the few minutes she visited her daughter, it was evident that she and Melissa don't get along.

Doris reprimanded her daughter for attempting suicide for the third time. After she left the room, Melissa indicated to Jeffrey that in a way her mother is just as evil as his mother.

Jeffrey's mother

When Katheryn was questioned about DA Jennifer Sallison's body, Veronica stepped in as if she was Katheryn's lawyer. She told Katheryn to meet her at her house. Veronica doused the outside of the house with gas and handed Katheryn matches and instructed her to set the house on fire claiming that where there is no evidence, there is no crime. The only regret Veronica said she had about setting the mansion on fire was that Jim Cryer was not inside.

Officer Justin confronted Veronica about the video she has of him and Jeffrey.

She refused to give him her phone with the tape on it, and Justin threatened her. She said she is not afraid of him, but viewers could see that Justin has something in store for Jeffrey's mother.

Candace and Erica

Candace visited Erica to get another dress because she said she smelled War's cologne on the one she had borrowed before.

She is suspecting Erica is not as loyal to her as she professes to be. Candace accused Erica of not working fast enough to use David as a mark. She told Erica she should have gotten David's credit card by now.

When Candace confined in Erica about Charles' proposal to set her brother up to take the fall for her crime, Erica said it was not a bad idea.

That caught Candace off guard and she slapped Erica across her face. After Candace left the room, Erica called War and told him what Candace had done to her. She begged him to come and get even with Candace. However, War and his boys were on their way to the Malone's restaurant for a showdown.

During the last few minutes of the episode, Charles tells Candace about the death of her son. She broke down and showed more emotion than she had on any season of "The Haves and the Have Nots."

The preview for next week's episode showed that Candace has come out of hiding. She met with War who had been out to kill her. She also met with her mother and blames Hanna for her son's death.