The Hollywood couple, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, had left their followers in shock when they officially announced their Legal Separation after eight years of marriage. Both made their announcement on Sunday night as they posted emotional messages on social media. Faris was the first to share to Instagram, a photo of her lengthy message to her followers. On her official statement, she has admitted that both of them have tried to work on their relationship; however, both of them came out disappointed.

In line with their official separation, Faris has emphasized that their son loved them a lot and hence, they wanted to keep the situation as private as possible.

As she ended her message, the actress added that they still love each other and will continue to cherish the memories both of them shared in eight long years.

Outpouring sentiments

As the former couple formally announced their legal separation on the social media, everyone was saddened that their relationship came to its sad end. Pratt has also shared his first post on Facebook, and he has addressed about the separation news. He shared that despite their split, both of them will continue to have the deepest respect for each other.

Further, a report from Entertainment Tonight revealed that the former couple wanted to move forward from their split in a private way possible. As much as possible, Faris and Pratt don't want to involve their child in this kind of situation.

For the past eight years, the couple has been blessed with a four-year old son, Jack, who will be turning five this August 25.

Hollywood couple

Faris and Pratt have always been regarded as the cutest couple in Hollywood. Both of them have shared the highs and lows in life. Hence, it left everyone shocked when their separation news started to surface online.

To recall, Pratt has just celebrated his 38th birthday last June. Faris, his estranged wife, has even shared a sweet message for him on Twitter. The actress has written, "Happy birthday honey!! You always make me laugh."

Despite the sad news, their fans couldn't help but remember how supportive Faris was to Pratt's career. She was even caught up by Entertainment Tonight during the premiere event for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2."

Back then, the actress revealed how thrilled she was for her husband's film. Nevertheless, she has always known the fact that Pratt is a brilliant actor and deserves to have a successful career.