It has been a tragic year for the members of Linkin’ Park and their fans. Just before frontman Chester Bennington was officially announced to have committed suicide, the news reached everyone who was inspired by the band.

Wife of Chester Bennington gives updates

Chester Bennington’s wife – now widow – Talinda Bennington, gave a statement after her husband’s death saying how much their life has changed after Bennington died. They have three children together. Talinda unveiled that she is indeed having a hard time in moving on after the death of the "Crawling" hitmaker.

She even revealed how much she is saddened by the fact that their kids lost their father at a young age.

Chester Bennington and Linkin’ Park’s fans have shown their love and released videos of the band’s transition over the years, covers of their best songs, even murals to keep his memory alive. A lot of people have been mourning the death of the "In The End" singer's death as he was reportedly a bright and loving person.

Talinda even unveiled that her late husband would not want his loved ones to keep crying and be saddened by his passing. Instead, he would want to see the people who loved him to help each other move on from the tragic happening. She even revealed how happy she is to know that Chester is now in a good place for she knows he is already pain-free.

Psychologist talks about Bennington's suicidal thoughts

Psychologist Dr. Suniya Luthar considered that Bennington’s source of suicidal thoughts might be the abuse he experienced during the early years of his childhood. The songwriter talked about these events in some interviews before and it was constantly the source of their Billboard hits.

“Neither money nor fame nor accolades nor admiration nor any of the above can make up a soul that is broken from that many years of abuse.” the psychologist said.

Although Chester was a very friendly man with deep connections with his bandmates, if a person suffers from emptiness, depression or other mental illness, it will disregard tangible realities into something darker.

“There is a lack of empathy if you will. After all, you have no business being miserable, but the second thing is, the wealthy are more paradoxical to feel friendless.” She added.

After the passing of Chester Bennington, the suicide prevention community is growing larger to support those who seek help including his band, Linkin’ Park, that put up for the same reason.