Anna Faris and Chris Pratt recently announced their separation online to fans and stated that their marriage was no longer working between them. However, a source has revealed that the couple is currently attending couples counseling in an attempt to repair their marriage. Faris and Pratt love one another very much, they worked hard on trying to keep their marriage together, and it appears that they have not given up just yet.


Sources close to the couple have revealed that they are in couples counseling

According to the Christian Post, a source close to Anna Faris and Chris Pratt has confirmed that the couple is taking part in couples counseling to try to save their marriage. The source claimed that the couple has recently separated but are still living together and are trying to keep their attempts to save their marriage out of the spotlight.


The source claims that this is the first time that the couple has tried counseling together and that they decided on the action after they announced their split. When Faris and Pratt announced their separation, it was clear that they still had a lot of respect and love for one another. The source claims that there is a lot of love left between the couple.

In a report by Life and Style Magazine, the same source claimed that the couple is trying to stay out of the media's attention as they attend counseling.

It appears that the couple is trying to keep the pressure of the media off their backs as they go through with their decision to try to save their marriage. The source has stated that both members of the couple are committed to the counseling process and that only time will tell if it works.

The pair split after eight years of marriage

According to the Daily Mail, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris recently announced that their marriage was no longer working.

The pair were married for eight years and have a five-year-old son together. The celebrities took to social media to break the news to their fans who were devastated to hear the news about their favorite Hollywood couple.

In a report by Wonderwall, the couple first started to experience issues when Pratt had to leave for long periods of time in order to shoot movies. Anna Faris was left at home looking after their son and according to the Daily Mail; a source has revealed that the mother felt extremely isolated during these times in her life.


Chris Pratt was frustrated with his wife as they are both actors and knew the consequences of their careers before they got married. The couple admitted that their separation had been a long time coming and that they had worked extremely hard to try to save their marriage.

Neither Anna Faris nor Chris Pratt has revealed that they are attending couple's counseling but fans are hoping that the couple will resolve their differences and get back together.


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