Kylie Jenner recently took part in a nude photo shoot with V Magazine for their next issue. The model has not taken part in this kind of shoot before, and fans were shocked to hear that she was going through with the decision. The issue starring Kylie Jenner baring all will be available for purchase on August 31. The model has taken the next steps in her modeling career and is hoping that this will improve her portfolio for further job opportunities.

The model bares all in photo shoot

According to the Mirror, model Kylie Jenner has starred in her first ever-nude photo shoot.

It appears that the celebrity is following her siblings' example as she bares all for the camera. V Magazine approached the 20-year-old about being part of their raunchy shoot, and Jenner was excited to take part, as she had never done something of this nature before.

Kylie was given various outfits to wear -- many of which were sheer dresses, which left nothing to the imagination. The model posed in a variety of seductive poses and has revealed that the experience was great as she had never taken part in this kind of shoot before. In a report by the Daily Mail, Jenner stated that she would post sexy photographs to her social media but that she has never gone completely nude for a photo.

Photographer Nick Knight did the shoot and he captured Jenner in several different poses showing off both the sheer outfits and the models figure.

The first outfit was a yellow dress by Art School, and the second Jenner wore was a red Fendi dress.

The photo shoot was live streamed and Jenner admits to feeling nervous

According to the Daily Mail, the photo shoot was being lived streamed on SHOWstudio so that fans of the modeling industry could check out the raunchy shoot.

Kylie admitted that she was initially nervous when she heard that the shoot was going to be broadcast but that during much of the shoot she actually forgot that she was being streamed.

The model admitted that she does have a personal photographer who follows her throughout her daily life but that she does not show the footage of what he captures to anyone.

Jenner stated that she does not know what it is like to not have her every move followed, as she grew up starring in the reality TV series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Kylie has followed in the footsteps of her sisters by posing in the nude, and it appears that the photo shoot has boosted the young model's confidence in herself. Nick Knight also shot Kylie in different underwear sets as part of the shoot for V Magazine.

Kylie Jenner admits that this kind of photo shoot was new to her, but that she is glad that she took the leap. The star is not the only Jenner to bare all in front of the camera as her sister Kendall has been photographed in the nude and has modeled without wearing a bra.