The year-long relationship is finally over for Amber Heard and Elon Musk after confirming their Split recently. To recall, both had shut down the speculations about their rumored relationship when they first held hands in public last April in Australia. Since then, their followers have followed their relationship a lot in the social media. However, most of their fans were saddened after learning that the former couple has finally decided to go on separate ways.

A close source has told US Magazine that it seemed timing wasn't in favor with their relationship.

It has been learned that both have been very busy with their respective careers. Musk was reported to be hard at work with his recent project. Meanwhile, Heard has also been working on her current film, the "Aquaman." Hence, it has been learned that there is no way for the couple to settle on each other as they have been both working hard on their careers.

Heated romance

Heard and Musk were first romantically linked to each other sometime in 2016. Apart from the growing speculations of their relationship last year, both had also been spotted most of the time dating together. Heard was also seen enjoying a romantic dinner with Musk last year.

Since then, their photos have started to surface online which even featured Musk having a red lipstick on his cheek.

To recall, their relationship started after Musk has filed for a divorce from his second wife, Talulah Riley. On the other hand, Heard was also reported to have filed for a divorce from Johnny Depp after 15 months of being married.

However, it has been revealed that Heard and Musk's relationship has started to heat up in July.

A report from US Magazine has shared that the Tesla CEO and "The Rum Diary" actress were both spotted leaving their room at the hotel in Miami where both of them have stayed. This has finally led to the speculation that something wrong is happening in their relationship.

Reasons behind split

Amid the news which confirmed about the split, both Heard and Musk are yet to share the reasons why they have broken up.

The former couple who made their relationship official through Instagram were both reported to have kept themselves mum over the issue.

Meanwhile, their fans and followers also looked forward that one of them will come out and address the reasons behind their ill-fated relationship. It was also reported that the press has tried to reach out to both parties; however, both have still chosen to keep the reason of split in private.